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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Legolas was able to kill the _____________, which confuses others in the Fellowship.
(a) Hunting eagle
(b) Tree
(c) Whole group of orcs
(d) Spirit shadow

2. Frodo tells Gandalf he did not know that ______________, or men, could be so great.
(a) Big Men
(b) Kings
(c) Rangers
(d) Wanderers

3. Who is NOT one of the members of the Fellowship of the Ring?
(a) Legolas
(b) Aragorn
(c) Elrond
(d) Gandalf

4. What does Celeborn offer to the travelers to help them speed their journey until they decide which path to follow?
(a) Capes
(b) Boats
(c) Ponies
(d) Wands

5. Who meets up with the Hobbits and with Strider, coming off a white horse and with a sound of bells?
(a) Glorfindel
(b) Elrond
(c) Granamir
(d) Arwen

6. Gimli realizes the room the travelers are in is the Chamber of ___________.
(a) Records
(b) His Father
(c) The Queen
(d) The King

7. The company reaches the last stage of their journey where they must decide whether to go to __________ or Gondor.
(a) Mordor
(b) Rohan
(c) Oscillium
(d) Rivendell

8. Legolas tells the travelers they are _____________ so loudly that they could be easily shot in the dark.
(a) Breathing
(b) Whispering
(c) Talking
(d) Stepping

9. The Elves warn the travelers that ________ are coming, but they can rest for the night with them.
(a) Birds
(b) Black Riders
(c) Orcs
(d) Dwarves

10. What does Aragorn feel on him, which makes it difficult for him to sleep during Frodo's watch?
(a) Shadow
(b) Eye
(c) Fog
(d) Sword

11. What is the word Gandalf finally uses in order to solve the riddle of the doors and to open them?
(a) Balrog
(b) Athelas
(c) Gollum
(d) Mellon

12. The book Gandalf reads from relates the history of the fall of the Dwarves to the __________.
(a) Orcs
(b) Men
(c) Ringwraiths
(d) Elves

13. Where is Boromir's homeland, according to the book?
(a) Isengard
(b) Minas Morgol
(c) Rohan
(d) Gondor

14. What is the name of the only person who can make the decision whether to go East or to go West on the journey?
(a) Legolas
(b) Boromir
(c) Aragorn
(d) Frodo

15. Who climbs a tree in order to get the lay of the land before the travelers enter Lothlorien?
(a) Merry
(b) Boromir
(c) Legolas
(d) Aragorn

Short Answer Questions

1. _____________ feels the direction they are taking will hasten their path and keep them out of sight.

2. Legolas spots an evil spirit, or a ____________, that is coming up behind the orcs on the bridge.

3. Whose voice does Frodo hear when he wakes up in a comfortable bed?

4. Who does Strider say has been following them for days, watching them and their movements?

5. Lady Galadriel tells the travelers: "Your Quest stands upon the edge of a _______, stray but a little and it will fail, to the ruin of all."

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