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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Goldberry also tells Frodo that the travelers must keep to their ___________ as they are traveling.
(a) Hearts
(b) Purpose
(c) Path
(d) Light

2. Who is worried about Gandalf's lateness?
(a) Merry
(b) Aragorn
(c) Frodo
(d) Gildor

3. Gandalf reminds Frodo he must not use ________ for any reason.
(a) The sword
(b) Bilbo's book
(c) Sam
(d) The Ring

4. What did the Elves leave behind for the Hobbits when they woke up?
(a) Precious stones
(b) Cloaks
(c) Food and drink
(d) Maps

5. Who sees a black shadow first as the Hobbits are traveling across the river?
(a) Gandalf
(b) Sam
(c) Frodo
(d) Merry

6. In what town do Frodo, Merry, Sam, and Pippin arrive at the beginning of this chapter?
(a) Bree
(b) Pony
(c) Brandywine
(d) Brigadoon

7. What do the Hobbits take with them to arm themselves against danger?
(a) Long swords
(b) Shields
(c) Small daggers
(d) Helmets

8. What is the name of Tom's wife, the woman who is sitting in a large chair when the Hobbits arrive?
(a) Goldheart
(b) Goldenberrt
(c) Goldberry
(d) Golden Girl

9. What is Bilbo trying to finish when he goes on this last journey away from Hobbiton?
(a) Piece of jewelry
(b) Book
(c) Pair of shoes
(d) Cloak

10. What do most people in Hobbiton now think has happened to Bilbo?
(a) He never really left
(b) He's dead
(c) He is a king
(d) He is coming back soon

11. Who were the goldsmiths who made the rings of power in the first place?
(a) Dwarves
(b) Men
(c) Elves
(d) Fairies

12. Who has been heading West in large groups, leaving Middle Earth for some reason?
(a) Dwarves
(b) Hobbits
(c) Elves
(d) Men

13. What do Sam and Frodo do in order to try to get the tree to release Merry and Pippin?
(a) Use their swords
(b) Light a fire
(c) Sing
(d) Dance

14. What will Gandalf be providing the Baggins' party when he comes into Hobbiton?
(a) Decorations
(b) Cake
(c) Fireworks
(d) Ale

15. The ring that Frodo has in his possession is the __________ ring, the one ring to rule them all.
(a) Master
(b) Triumphant
(c) Black
(d) Evil

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the last name that Frodo gives for himself when asked by the innkeeper?

2. Sam feels the reasons for him joining Frodo are more important than seeing ___________ and having adventures.

3. What is filling the earthenware vessels that are scattered around the feet of Tom's wife?

4. When the Hobbits and Strider awake, they find the beds have been _______________, though they did not sleep in them.

5. What does Frodo see walking on its fingers towards the hilt of a sword laying across the necks of Frodo's friends?

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