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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the travelers heads back to Crickhollow with the pony, not continuing on the journey?
(a) Pippin
(b) Sam
(c) Fatty
(d) Merry

2. What is the dangerous place the Hobbits see that tells them that they have nearly reached the edge of the Old Forest?
(a) Black Fog
(b) Downs
(c) Meadows
(d) Dark Greens

3. Where is Strider taking the Hobbits, though he takes a slightly different path than they start out taking?
(a) Weathertop
(b) Gondor
(c) Minas Morgol
(d) The Shire

4. What kind of meal is being prepared for the Hobbits by Merry and Fatty?
(a) Mushrooms
(b) Potatoes
(c) Bread
(d) Cake

5. Who is the friend of Fatty Bolger who helps to prepare Frodo's new home for him before he arrives?
(a) Sam
(b) Frodo
(c) Merry
(d) Pippin

6. What is filling the earthenware vessels that are scattered around the feet of Tom's wife?
(a) Roses
(b) Wine
(c) Lilies
(d) Lavender

7. What is the job title of Gaffer Gamgee, father of Sam Gamgee?
(a) Gardener
(b) Doctor
(c) Teacher
(d) Magician

8. Who says that he can see ahead and understands the danger but that he knows he can not turn back from the task?
(a) Frodo
(b) Sam
(c) Merry
(d) Pippin

9. Strider tells the Hobbits they will never make it to __________ on their own.
(a) Rivendell
(b) Mordor
(c) Lothlorien
(d) Minas Tirith

10. Who is NOT one of the people that Frodo thought knew about the journey of the ring?
(a) Gandalf
(b) Himself
(c) Sam
(d) Merry

11. Who did Gandalf want to go to for advice, though something always stopped him from doing so?
(a) Aragorn
(b) Elrond
(c) Bilbo
(d) Saruman

12. What do Sam, Merry, and Pippin have on their heads as Frodo turns to face them?
(a) Bags
(b) Crowns
(c) Thorns
(d) Wood

13. What is the name of Tom's wife, the woman who is sitting in a large chair when the Hobbits arrive?
(a) Goldenberrt
(b) Golden Girl
(c) Goldberry
(d) Goldheart

14. Frodo tries to talk Sam out of coming with him, saying that the journey is ____________.
(a) Long
(b) Dangerous
(c) Boring
(d) Difficult

15. Gandalf reminds Frodo he must not use ________ for any reason.
(a) The sword
(b) Sam
(c) Bilbo's book
(d) The Ring

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Gandalf instruct Bilbo to put the ring which clearly has a hold over him?

2. Merry has strange dreams of _____________ when he is sleeping at Tom Bombadil's house.

3. Bilbo realized the ring had many strange habits, growing smaller and larger at will and seemed to have its own _______.

4. What does Frodo see walking on its fingers towards the hilt of a sword laying across the necks of Frodo's friends?

5. What is another name for the Wanderers about whom the Hobbits have begun to hear?

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