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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the dark stranger asking Sam's father about as the Hobbits overhear the conversation?
(a) Bilbo
(b) Merry
(c) The Baggins hobits
(d) Gandalf

2. Whose appearance causes the Hobbits to all be safe once more, leaving Frodo relieved?
(a) Fatty
(b) Gandalf
(c) Strider
(d) Tom

3. Sam feels the reasons for him joining Frodo are more important than seeing ___________ and having adventures.
(a) Rivers
(b) Bilbo
(c) Mountains
(d) Elves

4. Who were the goldsmiths who made the rings of power in the first place?
(a) Fairies
(b) Men
(c) Elves
(d) Dwarves

5. An __________________ grabs Frodo's arm as he passes out as he calls for his friends.
(a) Erund
(b) icy grip
(c) Elf
(d) artisan

6. Merry and Pippin decide to lie down at the foot of a large ___________ tree when they become sleepy.
(a) Oak
(b) Maple
(c) Willow
(d) Ash

7. Who is NOT one of the people that Frodo thought knew about the journey of the ring?
(a) Himself
(b) Merry
(c) Sam
(d) Gandalf

8. Which of the travelers heads back to Crickhollow with the pony, not continuing on the journey?
(a) Merry
(b) Pippin
(c) Fatty
(d) Sam

9. The Elves do not know the exact reason Frodo is leaving ___________.
(a) The other Hobbits
(b) His food untouched
(c) The Shire
(d) Gandalf

10. Who did Gandalf want to go to for advice, though something always stopped him from doing so?
(a) Elrond
(b) Saruman
(c) Bilbo
(d) Aragorn

11. Which Hobbit is a great friend of the Farmer whose crops they cut through on their journey?
(a) Sam
(b) Frodo
(c) Merry
(d) Pippin

12. __________ has been actively seeking the One Ring, according to Gandalf.
(a) Aragorn
(b) Boromir
(c) Legolas
(d) Sauron

13. What causes the Hobbits to feel their spirits renewed as they continue on to Crickhollow?
(a) Sunshine
(b) The straight path
(c) A pale golden fluid
(d) Tom Bombadil

14. Where does Gandalf instruct Bilbo to put the ring which clearly has a hold over him?
(a) Mantle
(b) Table
(c) Pocket
(d) Trunk

15. To where is Frodo going to move in order to be safer than he is is in Bag End?
(a) Rivendell
(b) Shireton
(c) Crickhollow
(d) Lothlorien

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the dangerous place the Hobbits see that tells them that they have nearly reached the edge of the Old Forest?

2. __________ has prepared six ponies, food, drink, and clothing for the journey and won't take no for an answer.

3. Frodo decides to sell Bag End to ____________ when he moves away from his home.

4. Who is the friend of Fatty Bolger who helps to prepare Frodo's new home for him before he arrives?

5. Who sees a black shadow first as the Hobbits are traveling across the river?

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