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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 2: Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. An __________________ grabs Frodo's arm as he passes out as he calls for his friends.
(a) artisan
(b) Erund
(c) icy grip
(d) Elf

2. What does Frodo quickly and easily hand over to Tom without hesitation?
(a) The Ring
(b) A cloak
(c) His sword
(d) His map

3. Who is the friend of Fatty Bolger who helps to prepare Frodo's new home for him before he arrives?
(a) Frodo
(b) Pippin
(c) Merry
(d) Sam

4. What decorates the new sheath for Aragorn's sword, as given to him by Lady Galadriel?
(a) The promise of the Ring
(b) Animals
(c) Runes
(d) Wax

5. The Riders decide to flee the area because they realize ___________ is not there.
(a) Gandalf
(b) Frodo
(c) The Witch King
(d) Strider

Short Answer Questions

1. Gandalf tries to keep the orcs back with spells and incantations, but a ________________ stops him.

2. How old is Bilbo Baggins going to be on his birthday that he's about to celebrate?

3. Where do the scouts believe the Black Riders have gone since their horses drowned in the river?

4. Legolas was able to kill the _____________, which confuses others in the Fellowship.

5. Where is Strider taking the Hobbits, though he takes a slightly different path than they start out taking?

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