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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 1: Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which companion does Frodo sense a change in as they are walking along on their journey?
(a) Fatty
(b) Pippin
(c) Merry
(d) Sam

2. What does Frodo quickly and easily hand over to Tom without hesitation?
(a) His sword
(b) His map
(c) A cloak
(d) The Ring

3. __________ has been actively seeking the One Ring, according to Gandalf.
(a) Aragorn
(b) Boromir
(c) Legolas
(d) Sauron

4. How many Great Rings were made, according to Gandalf's research over the years?
(a) 10
(b) 2
(c) 20
(d) 1

5. Tom's wife tells the Hobbits that she is the daughter of the _________.
(a) Sun
(b) River
(c) Moon
(d) Sky

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is worried about Gandalf's lateness?

2. What do most people in Hobbiton now think has happened to Bilbo?

3. Who sees a black shadow first as the Hobbits are traveling across the river?

4. Who will stay at Frodo's house to make sure no one knows where they are or that the house falls into disrepair?

5. Merry has strange dreams of _____________ when he is sleeping at Tom Bombadil's house.

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