The Fellowship of the Ring Fun Activities

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Create Your Own Fellowship

Using characters from the book, have students create their own fellowship, were they to be Frodo taking the Ring to Mordor.

Watching the Movie

Have students watch the movie FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING to see what they think of it and to see if the changes the writers/director made were effective.

The Job Description for Frodo

Have students write up the job description for Frodo for his journey to Mordor. What qualities and skills does he need to have?

What is a Tracker?

Have students do some research to find out what a tracker is, how one becomes one, and whether they are still used in the world today.

Planning Your 111th Birthday

Have students create a plan for their 111th birthday. Who would they invite? What would the theme be?

144 Guests

Have students come up with a guest list for their own...

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