The Fellowship of the Ring Character Descriptions

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Gandalf the Wise or Grey

This character is a great wizard, well known and respected throughout Middle Earth for his good magic and strong character.

Frodo Baggins

This character is heir to Bilbo's estate and the bearer of The One Ring.

Bilbo Baggins

This character has had great adventures and leaves his home Bag End to live out the rest of his days in the Wild Country.

Aragorn/Strider/The Ranger/Dunadan

This character is a decedent of the King of Men and is all that is good in men as he is brave, wise, kind, noble, and smart. He is a great tracker and very familiar with Middle Earth and how to move unnoticed through its many regions.

Sam Gamgee

This character loves ropes and is extremely interested in the Elves and their ways. He is a very loyal friend and would protect his friend at his...

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