The Fellowship of the Ring Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Book 1: Chapter 1

• Bilbo Baggins is planning his 111th birthday party at the Shire.

• Bilbo is planning to trick the guests - only he, Gandalf, and Frodo know about it.

• Bilbo is leaving the Shire to spend his days in the Wild Country to finish his book.

• Gandalf tells Bilbo to leave his ring with Frodo.

• Gandalf tells Frodo to keep the ring a secret.

Book 1: Chapter 2

• Frodo continues to honor Bilbo's birthday and is also not aging.

• Gandalf tells Frodo what he has learned of the ring.

• Gandalf throws the ring into the fire to test it.

• Gandalf speaks of finding Gollum with the help of Aragorn.

• Galdalf says the ring must be destroyed in Mount Doom.

• Frodo leaves the Shire with his friend Sam Gamgee.

Book 1: Chapter 3

• Gandalf is pushing Frodo to leave.

• The Elves come to talk to Frodo.

• Pippin tells them of the dark riders...

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