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Matthew Tobin Anderson
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What song is stuck in the teenagers' heads?
(a) I'll Text You In.
(b) I'll Sex You In.
(c) I'll Sex You Up.
(d) I'll See You There.

2. Why do Link and Marty pull Titus into the bedroom?
(a) They want to malfunction.
(b) They want to do drugs.
(c) They want to chug alcohol.
(d) They want to play a video game.

3. Where does Violet attend school?
(a) East High.
(b) West High.
(c) She is home schooled.
(d) North High.

4. What does Titus realize about the painting?
(a) There is no one in the boat.
(b) There is no one in the car.
(c) There is someone in the plane.
(d) There is a man on the bicycle.

5. What store is having a sale in 'Cache & Carry'?
(a) Weatherbee & Crotch.
(b) Sears.
(c) Bells and Whistles.
(d) Ambercrombie & Fitch.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Violet take Titus to see when she is finished speaking with the doctor?

2. What does Titus think Link's body slams with the girls show?

3. How does Titus' father speak?

4. What do the teenagers order that gives them headaches?

5. What does Quendy have in the middle of her forehead?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain what happens when Violet sends the advertisements she received from her shopping trip to Titus.

2. Explain what Violet means by the days at the hospital being salad days.

3. Explain why Violet wants to try to resist the feed.

4. Describe the television show "based on a true story" advertised at the end of 'The Nose Grid'.

5. What does Violet chat to Titus about her family, and their feeds?

6. What do you think happened in 'Nudging'? Was Titus dreaming, or were the police or the hacker group sifting through his feed?

7. Explain why Titus doesn't want to try and cheer Violet up when she cries in the hospital.

8. Describe how you perceive the teenagers by this point in the novel.

9. Explain what happens during Spin the Bottle.

10. Describe Titus and Violet's fight about the state of America, and why it made Titus feel stupid.

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