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Matthew Tobin Anderson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Link claim is not an organ?
(a) The leg.
(b) The liver.
(c) The face.
(d) The fingernail.

2. How many walls does the room have?
(a) Three.
(b) Four.
(c) Five.
(d) Eight.

3. What is Marty's skill?
(a) He can kiss well.
(b) He can do anything well.
(c) He can drink large quantities.
(d) He is good at sports.

4. What are the frat boys wearing at the club that Titus expresses interest in?
(a) Rubber suits.
(b) Latex shoes.
(c) Plastic birds.
(d) Tachyon shorts.

5. What show do the girls love?
(a) Oh! Thing! Cool!
(b) Oh! Wow! Thing!
(c) Oh! God! Thing!
(d) Oh! Thing!

6. What does Titus think Link's body slams with the girls show?
(a) That they dislike Titus.
(b) That they hate one another.
(c) That they are all having fun.
(d) That they know each others' bodies.

7. What is the first thing Titus feels when he wakes in 'Awake'?
(a) He cannot feel the feed.
(b) He has no credits.
(c) He has a headache.
(d) He is paralyzed.

8. What benefit does Titus note to having the feed?
(a) Everyone is lazy.
(b) Everyone has knowledge.
(c) Everyone is super smart.
(d) Everyone knows everything.

9. What does Titus call the man who attacked them?
(a) A hacker.
(b) A jobber.
(c) A unit.
(d) A criminal.

10. What does Quendy have in the middle of her forehead?
(a) A tattoo.
(b) A pimple.
(c) A black dot.
(d) A lesion.

11. What do the girls spend the rest of the hour doing?
(a) Fixing Quendy's hair to frame her lesion.
(b) Fixing Quendy's hair to frame her face.
(c) Fixing Quendy's hair to hide her lesion.
(d) Fixing Quendy's hair to fit the new style.

12. What does Titus say about how his head feels?
(a) He says it feels spacey.
(b) He says it feels tingly.
(c) He says it hurts.
(d) He says it feels empty.

13. What does Violet tell Titus he cannot see through?
(a) The ceiling.
(b) Her gown.
(c) The television.
(d) The wall.,

14. What does Titus think of the girl by the end of 'The Nose Grid'?
(a) He thinks she is selfish.
(b) He thinks she is stupid.
(c) He thinks she is amazing.
(d) He thinks she is stuck up.

15. What is a salad day, according to Violet?
(a) A sad day.
(b) A happy day.
(c) A tiring day.
(d) A lonely day.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Titus call a bow tie?

2. What does Titus hope Violet can see in the light coming from his brain monitor?

3. How does Titus' father speak?

4. What do all the teenagers get back at the end of 'Release'?

5. What store is having a sale in 'Cache & Carry'?

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