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Matthew Tobin Anderson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who did Titus used to date?
(a) Calista.
(b) Link.
(c) Quendy.
(d) Loga.

2. What does Titus say when Violet asks what they should do?
(a) They should sleep.
(b) He doesn't know.
(c) They should find their friends.
(d) They should find a doctor.

3. What does Titus call a bow tie?
(a) A rail.
(b) A shoestring.
(c) A neck bat.
(d) Goat food.

4. What are the people protesting on the moon saying about the feed?
(a) That the feeds are necessary.
(b) That the feeds are dangerous.
(c) That they would rather be dead than have a feed.
(d) That the feeds are malfunctioning.

5. Where does Violet take Titus to see when she is finished speaking with the doctor?
(a) A place that used to be a basketball court.
(b) A place that used to be a courtyard.
(c) A place that used to be a morgue.
(d) A place that used to be a lake.

6. What does Titus do at the end of 'Awake'?
(a) Jumps from a window.
(b) Closes his eyes.
(c) Leaves the hospital.
(d) Opens his eyes.

7. Who was the only one not attacked?
(a) Loga.
(b) Link.
(c) Violet.
(d) Titus.

8. Where does Violet attend school?
(a) North High.
(b) She is home schooled.
(c) West High.
(d) East High.

9. What is 'Nature vs. Nurture'?
(a) A feedcast.
(b) A book.
(c) A radio show.
(d) A television show.

10. What does one wall have a picture of?
(a) A bicycle.
(b) A car.
(c) A boat.
(d) A plane.

11. What do the teenagers find to occupy their time?
(a) They play pool.
(b) They shoot hypodermic needle tips at one another.
(c) They shoot hypodermic needle tips at the wall.
(d) They shoot hypodermic needle tips at the doctors.

12. How many walls does the room have?
(a) Four.
(b) Three.
(c) Eight.
(d) Five.

13. Where do the teenagers go to have fun at the beginning of the novel?
(a) The moon.
(b) The arcade.
(c) Mars.
(d) The moon of Venus.

14. How does Titus' father speak?
(a) In French.
(b) In Latin.
(c) Like a businessman.
(d) Like the teenagers.

15. What does Titus know Violet is watching when she is first noticed paying attention to them?
(a) Their intelligence.
(b) Their grace.
(c) Their happiness.
(d) Their stupidity.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Smell Factor?

2. What message does Titus receive as he attempts to connect to the feed?

3. What have people begun to see on their skin in 'Impact'?

4. What does Violet tell Titus he cannot see through?

5. Why is Calista able to get into parties?

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