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Matthew Tobin Anderson
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 4, Slumberland: 57.2%; 54.1%; 51.5%, Summertime; The Deep; 4.6%; 4.6%.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Violet admit to Titus in 'The Others in Mal'?
(a) That she doesn't like his friends.
(b) That she doesn't have a feed.
(c) That her feed is damaged.
(d) That she doesn't have a father.

2. What does Titus 'dream' about in 'Nudging'?
(a) That he is being nudged by Violet.
(b) That his parents are monitoring his feed.
(c) That he is being nudged by the hacker.
(d) That the police are monitoring his feed.

3. What is Titus able to monitor from his feed?
(a) Violet's heart rate.
(b) Violet's breathing.
(c) Violet's functioning percentage.
(d) Violet's brain waves.

4. Why is Link taller than everyone else?
(a) He is older.
(b) He is part of a secret experiment.
(c) He is genetically diseased.
(d) He is wearing platform shoes.

5. What do the teenagers order that gives them headaches?
(a) Alcohol.
(b) Caffeine IVs.
(c) Ecstasy.
(d) Nutrient IVs.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Quendy angry with Titus?

2. What do the teenagers find to occupy their time?

3. Where does Titus' father go after his visit?

4. Where does everything from the feed go?

5. What does Titus note a hologram looks like?

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