Objects & Places from Feed

Matthew Tobin Anderson
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This term is a space, slang term for girls.


This object is a flying vehicle that transports characters in the novel from place to place.


This word is a derogatory word for a kill joy, or someone who does not partake in the fun around her/him.


This is a transmitter implanted in the characters' brains.

Ricochet Lounge

This place is a nightclub on the moon where party goers wear space suits and crash into each other, due to the no gravity and low gravity atmosphere.


This term is a space, slang term for dude or man, a.k.a. a friendly greeting among teenagers.


This term means "prehistoric man".


This is a network that allows those with transmitters to listen to their feeds and chat, or telepathically speak among one another.

Weatherbee & Crotch

This is a clothing store that comes...

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