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Matthew Tobin Anderson
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Drawing of the U.S.

Draw a picture of how the United States appears in the book. Be sure to include images that convey the dead oceans, the domes, the black slime, and the other images the book conveys.

Choose one of the banner advertisements presented in the book, and present it to the class in some way (a drawing, song, commercial, radio announcement, etc.)

Newspaper Article

Write a newspaper article about the hacker at the Night Club. Be sure to use details, and come up with "quotes" about the incident from Titus and his friends.

Compare / Contrast

Present a comparison of Titus world to the world you live in. What are similarities? What are differences? Prepare some representation of these differences (models, drawings, etc.) and present to the class, along with your analysis.

Lesson Plan

In Titus' world, school no longer teaches facts, but teaches how...

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