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Matthew Tobin Anderson
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Part 1, Moon: Your Face Is Not an Organ; Impact; Juice

• Titus, Link, Marty, Calista, Quendy, and Loga all go to the moon for spring break.

• Almost everyone has a feed that connects their brain constantly to the feednet, which is like the internet.

• Titus meets a girl he finds attractive.

Part 1, Moon: The Nose Grid; The Moon Is in the House of Boring

• The group, including the girl, begin talking about the lesions everyone has.

• Link and Marty want to get wasted, so they try to talk everyone into going mal, or malfunctioning their feeds, but Violet, the new girl, doesn't want to.

• Instead, they go to a club, where their feeds are hacked.

Part 2, Eden: Awake; College Try; Boring; Still Boring

• The teenagers wake up in a hospital.

• They are informed their feeds are temporarily disabled.

• The teens do not know what to do without the constant...

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