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Short Answer Questions

1. What's for lunch on Wednesday?

2. What does Samantha say she dreamed about the previous night?

3. What had the class studied in geography that day?

4. Who waves back when the new boy waves at Frannie?

5. What is Trevor doing when Frannie and the new boy are walking into the school?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Samantha say about believing in something as she and Frannie are walking home together in chapter sixteen?

2. What does the new boy say about Trevor's need to be mean to others. What does Trevor do in chapter eighteen that's mean to Frannie and what is the reaction?

3. What does Sean explain to Frannie about the bridges and what they mean for his ability to talk to hearing girls?

4. Describe what happens when Trevor begins harassing the new boy again on Monday.

5. What are some of the things Frannie writes on her paper as part of her assignment in chapter eighteen?

6. What does Rayray say about no longer being afraid of Trevor after he swings at the new boy?

7. What does Frannie say about her mother's rule regarding sugar and what does she do to break that rule? What are the consequences?

8. What does Frannie say about the new boy hurting Trevor's feelings and what that proves?

9. Describe the conversation that takes place after Sean arrives home from school.

10. What is Frannie's response when Samantha says that Rayray was right when he said Jesus would not come to Price School?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Who is Sean? What is he like? What are his challenges? How does he face these?

Essay Topic 2

There is a division among blacks and whites even though segregation has been outlawed. Did this situation exist in the 1970s? What has changed since that time?

Essay Topic 3

When Trevor is picking on the new boy about being white, the boy counters, saying that Trevor obviously has a white father who lives on the other side of the highway. Was the new boy right to strike Trevor in a way that was so hurtful? Why or why not?

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