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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are the smells Frannie associates with her grandmother?
(a) Coconut and lavendar.
(b) Pineapple and roses.
(c) Lilies and liniment.
(d) Onions and peppermint.

2. What does the new boy say he can remember about his adoption?
(a) Only that his father was very strong.
(b) That he was glad to leave his foster home.
(c) That he cried when they took him.
(d) Nothing.

3. What does Ms. Johnson do to make Rayray pay attention again?
(a) Turns his head away from the window.
(b) Takes the comic book.
(c) Takes his pencil.
(d) Takes his knife.

4. What does Frannie say is the reaction in the school yard when the new boy says that Trevor doesn't have a father?
(a) Everyone gets quiet.
(b) Everyone moves closer .
(c) Everyone turns away.
(d) Everyone begins to shout.

5. What is Frannie eating when she and Sean are watching television on Saturday?
(a) Pickles and salt.
(b) Peanut butter and jelly.
(c) Popcorn.
(d) Pretzels and cheese.

6. What is the question Samantha says she's been wanting to ask Frannie?
(a) Why she helped Trevor get up.
(b) Why she doesn't like Maribel.
(c) Why she sometimes signs to herself.
(d) Why she's been hanging around with the new boy.

7. What is the song Frannie hears on the school yard as she's talking to the new boy in chapter eighteen?
(a) I'll Be There.
(b) The Love You Save.
(c) Hand Jive.
(d) ABC.

8. Where is Frannie's dad when she gets up?
(a) Cooking breakfast.
(b) Gone to buy muffin mix.
(c) Sitting in the rocker.
(d) Still in bed.

9. Why does Frannie believe Samantha says this?
(a) Because the boy pushed her.
(b) Because the boy said hello first.
(c) Because she believes the boy was mean to Trevor.
(d) Because she knows the boy isn't Jesus.

10. How deep is the snow on the ground as Franni and Samantha walk home in chapter sixteen?
(a) It's all melted.
(b) About a foot.
(c) Just past Frannie's ankles.
(d) About eight inches.

11. What does Frannie's mother tell her to do as soon as she enters the house?
(a) Wash her hands.
(b) Go back and clean up the snow off the floor.
(c) Mash the potatoes.
(d) Start her homework.

12. What is the first thing Sean says to his mother when he gets home from school?
(a) What did the doctor say?
(b) Why are you up?
(c) What's for dinner?
(d) Can I help?

13. What is Trevor singing as he walks away from Frannie and the new boy in chapter eighteen?
(a) Hand Jive.
(b) ABC.
(c) I'll Be There.
(d) Jesus loves me, this I know.

14. Why do Frannie and Samantha walk so slowly on the way home that day?
(a) They are afraid of slipping on the ice.
(b) They hope Rayray and the new boy will catch up with them.
(c) They want to talk.
(d) They are sharing a candy bar.

15. What does Frannie say she might do when she gets to the rec center?
(a) Beat the new boy at pinball.
(b) All the above.
(c) Think of evil things to say to the hearing girls.
(d) Look for new graffiti.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the new boy have wrapped around his finger when Trevor begins talking to him?

2. What is Trevor doing when Frannie and the new boy are walking into the school?

3. What happens just as Frannie and the new boy enter the school building?

4. What had been Samantha's reaction when Frannie showed her the pock scars on her hand?

5. What was someone trying take away from Frannie when she'd had that one fight?

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