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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many girls are in the group when one girl begins talking to Sean?
(a) Two.
(b) Three.
(c) Five.
(d) Four.

2. What does Samantha answer when Frannie asks if she believes spring will ever come?
(a) That she hopes it's soon.
(b) She says she doesn't believe it will.
(c) She simply nods.
(d) That it always has before.

3. What does Frannie say is the reaction in the school yard when the new boy says that Trevor doesn't have a father?
(a) Everyone gets quiet.
(b) Everyone moves closer .
(c) Everyone begins to shout.
(d) Everyone turns away.

4. What is Sean wearing when he joins Mama and Frannie?
(a) Jeans and a t-shirt.
(b) Shorts.
(c) Blue pajamas.
(d) Shorts and a tank top.

5. What kind of hat does Frannie wear to church that Sunday?
(a) Rabbit fur.
(b) Felt.
(c) The hood from her jacket.
(d) Crocheted.

6. What is the picture Frannie is looking at while she's talking to Samantha on the telephone?
(a) Frannie's first grade school picture.
(b) A painting of Jesus and some children .
(c) The photo of Lila.
(d) A drawing Frannie made in art class.

7. What does Frannie say about the baby of the family?
(a) That the new baby will be a welcome change to the family.
(b) That she's still the baby for a little while longer.
(c) That there should be many more babies .
(d) That there shouldn't be another baby.

8. Where is Frannie's dad when she gets up?
(a) Gone to buy muffin mix.
(b) Sitting in the rocker.
(c) Cooking breakfast.
(d) Still in bed.

9. What does Ms. Johnson do to make Rayray pay attention again?
(a) Takes his knife.
(b) Turns his head away from the window.
(c) Takes the comic book.
(d) Takes his pencil.

10. What does the new boy say he's going to do on Saturday?
(a) Go sledding.
(b) Watch cartoons.
(c) Swim.
(d) Go to the park.

11. What does the new boy say he can remember about his adoption?
(a) That he cried when they took him.
(b) Nothing.
(c) Only that his father was very strong.
(d) That he was glad to leave his foster home.

12. What does Rayray say when he comes up to Frannie and the new boy after Trevor has fallen in the snow?
(a) He says the new boy had no right to push Trevor.
(b) He asks if they'll sit with him at lunchtime.
(c) He asks if they'll walk home with him after school.
(d) He asks if they're alright.

13. Where does the new boy say everyone can find the truth?
(a) In books.
(b) In school.
(c) In their hearts.
(d) In chuch.

14. What is Sean's reaction when a girl asks his name?
(a) He writes it on a piece of paper.
(b) He signs it.
(c) He doesn't respond at all.
(d) He tells Frannie to tell her.

15. What does Ms. Johnson say about writer's block?
(a) That you have to find a way to work through it.
(b) That it happens to everyone.
(c) That it doesn't exist.
(d) That she's never seen it happen.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the song Frannie hears on the school yard as she's talking to the new boy in chapter eighteen?

2. What is the last thing Frannie puts on her list?

3. What's Maribel's reaction when Ms. Johnson tells her to stop looking out the window?

4. Who waves back when the new boy waves at Frannie?

5. What does Frannie say when her mother tells her to go wash her hands before mashing the potatoes?

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