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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was Mama's reaction when she heard that there was going to be a draft lottery to get more boys to serve in the military?
(a) She kissed both of Sean's ears.
(b) She turns off the radio.
(c) She keeps cooking but starts to cry.
(d) She sits down and begins to pray.

2. What does Frannie say was the point where the new boy proved he wasn't Jesus?
(a) When he started to cry.
(b) When he walked away from the fight.
(c) When he was eating candy.
(d) When he hurt Trevor.

3. What does Ms. Johnson do to make Rayray pay attention again?
(a) Takes his knife.
(b) Takes his pencil.
(c) Turns his head away from the window.
(d) Takes the comic book.

4. What is it that Frannie says Casper the Friendly Ghost is always trying to do?
(a) Scare people.
(b) Get people to not be afraid of him.
(c) Find a new place to live.
(d) Find someone who'll take him to school.

5. What does Frannie say she might do when she gets to the rec center?
(a) Think of evil things to say to the hearing girls.
(b) All the above.
(c) Look for new graffiti.
(d) Beat the new boy at pinball.

6. What does Frannie say when her mother tells her to go wash her hands before mashing the potatoes?
(a) That she'll do it now.
(b) That she doesn't want to.
(c) That she already did.
(d) That she had on gloves.

7. What is Rayray doing while Ms. Johnson is talking about writing a story?
(a) Reading a comic book.
(b) Writing.
(c) Scratching his name into his desk.
(d) Looking out the window.

8. What does Samantha answer when Frannie asks if she believes spring will ever come?
(a) That she hopes it's soon.
(b) She says she doesn't believe it will.
(c) She simply nods.
(d) That it always has before.

9. What happens just as Frannie and the new boy enter the school building?
(a) The bell rings.
(b) Rayray starts to dance.
(c) Trevor rushes past.
(d) The principal steps into the hall.

10. How many girls are in the group when one girl begins talking to Sean?
(a) Five.
(b) Three.
(c) Four.
(d) Two.

11. How deep is the snow on the ground as Franni and Samantha walk home in chapter sixteen?
(a) About a foot.
(b) About eight inches.
(c) Just past Frannie's ankles.
(d) It's all melted.

12. What is the first thing Sean says to his mother when he gets home from school?
(a) What's for dinner?
(b) What did the doctor say?
(c) Can I help?
(d) Why are you up?

13. What is Sean's reaction when a girl asks his name?
(a) He writes it on a piece of paper.
(b) He tells Frannie to tell her.
(c) He doesn't respond at all.
(d) He signs it.

14. Where is Mama when Frannie wakes in chapter twenty-two?
(a) Cooking breakfast.
(b) Sitting in the rocker.
(c) Still in bed.
(d) Gone to buy groceries.

15. Where does the new boy say everyone can find the truth?
(a) In chuch.
(b) In books.
(c) In their hearts.
(d) In school.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ms. Johnson say about writer's block?

2. What is the sign for Jesus?

3. What is the song Frannie hears on the school yard as she's talking to the new boy in chapter eighteen?

4. What kind of hat does Frannie wear to church that Sunday?

5. What does Frannie feel while she's sitting in Mama's lap?

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