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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Daddy's answer when he's asked to name the prettiest place he's ever seen?
(a) California.
(b) Indiana.
(c) Hawaii.
(d) His own neighborhood.

2. What does Frannie note about the front of her turtleneck sweater?
(a) It's a deep purple color.
(b) It has a small hole.
(c) She has a stain on it.
(d) It has a peace sign.

3. What kind of store does Maribel's mother own?
(a) A cleaner's .
(b) A candy store.
(c) An auto supply store.
(d) A grocery store.

4. Who does Frannie's father work for?
(a) Interdevelopment Corporation.
(b) Interstate Moving.
(c) Indiana Department of Education.
(d) Inner City Teachers Coalition.

5. What is Maribel playing on the playground?
(a) Down, down baby.
(b) Hopscotch.
(c) Jump rope.
(d) Jacks.

6. How does Frannie usually wear her hair?
(a) In braids.
(b) In an afro.
(c) In a bun.
(d) Straightened.

7. Which of the following is among the things in the lobby of Frannie's apartment building?
(a) A painting of a dog chasing a fox.
(b) A stack of boxes.
(c) An old-fashioned counter .
(d) A fire place.

8. What does Frannie say she thinks of when she sees the graffiti on buildings in the neighborhood?
(a) Gangs .
(b) A giant with a marker.
(c) Parks and swings.
(d) Hatred and violence.

9. What was the name of Frannie's sister who died?
(a) Floyjoy.
(b) Trudy.
(c) Lila.
(d) Abigail.

10. What does Mama say about the poem when Frannie tells her about it?
(a) That it means she should be looking foward.
(b) That there's an important lesson but she's not sure what that is.
(c) That Frannie shouldn't waste her time with poetry.
(d) That it's silly.

11. What color is Samantha's coat?
(a) Pink and white.
(b) Blue and white.
(c) Purple and pink.
(d) Blue and brown.

12. What is the word Samantha uses to describe the new boy showing up at their school?
(a) Surreal.
(b) Impossible.
(c) Biblical.
(d) Stupid.

13. What does Samantha's father do?
(a) He's a preacher.
(b) He works in a bank.
(c) He's a truck driver.
(d) He's a security guard.

14. Why is the class cheering that morning?
(a) They're getting a new student.
(b) They're going to be allowed to go outside.
(c) They will have tacos for lunch.
(d) They are getting a free period .

15. What are the first words Mama says to Frannie when Frannie goes into her bedroom?
(a) Go help your brother.
(b) Stop worrying.
(c) We're going to have another baby.
(d) Your father will be home soon.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Frannie's reaction when the new boy says she and Sean look alike?

2. What's the news Daddy shares that explains why Mama is tired?

3. What color are the pants the new boy is wearing?

4. What does one of Sean's friends sign to him when Frannie walks in?

5. What dose the new boy say to Rayray and Trevor in sign language?

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