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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Frannie say she left the gym before Sean's game was over?
(a) She hadn't wanted to see him lose.
(b) It was hot and stinky in there.
(c) She doesn't say.
(d) She'd wanted to catch up with the new boy.

2. What does Frannie put in the pot she's using to cook rice?
(a) Water and cheese.
(b) Salt and water.
(c) Butter and water.
(d) Water and milk.

3. How does Frannie usually wear her hair?
(a) In an afro.
(b) In a bun.
(c) In braids.
(d) Straightened.

4. What does Frannie say she thinks of when she sees the graffiti on buildings in the neighborhood?
(a) A giant with a marker.
(b) Parks and swings.
(c) Gangs .
(d) Hatred and violence.

5. How many of her children does Mama say are in Baby Heaven?
(a) Lila and three others.
(b) Lila and two others.
(c) Just Lila.
(d) Lila and one other.

6. Why is Trevor absent on the second day after the new boy arrives?
(a) He's in trouble with the law.
(b) He's skipped.
(c) His mother won't send him to school with a white boy.
(d) He broke his arm.

7. What does Samantha's father do?
(a) He's a truck driver.
(b) He's a preacher.
(c) He works in a bank.
(d) He's a security guard.

8. Where is the church Frannie's parents attend?
(a) Near Samantha's house.
(b) Around the corner from their house.
(c) Across the street from the school.
(d) Across town.

9. What dose the new boy say to Rayray and Trevor in sign language?
(a) Are you stupid?
(b) Leave me alone
(c) No, I'm not deaf.
(d) Why are you so mean?

10. What does the boy say is the reason he and his family left their home on the other side of the highway?
(a) That he'd wanted to know how blacks lived.
(b) That he hated the school.
(c) That it was difficult for his parents.
(d) That they couldn't afford to live there.

11. What's the news Daddy shares that explains why Mama is tired?
(a) Their grandmother is ill.
(b) There's a baby coming.
(c) She's sitting up at night with a neighbor.
(d) Mama has cancer.

12. What does Frannie's father do for a living?
(a) Teaches school.
(b) Drives a truck.
(c) Teaches teachers about new methods.
(d) Organizes meetings and events.

13. What does Frannie note about the front of her turtleneck sweater?
(a) She has a stain on it.
(b) It's a deep purple color.
(c) It has a small hole.
(d) It has a peace sign.

14. Where does the new boy sit?
(a) Next to Frannie.
(b) Near the front.
(c) Near the back.
(d) Just in front of Frannie.

15. What does Frannie do as she and Sean step out of the rec center into the snow?
(a) Starts to run.
(b) Catches snowflakes.
(c) Pushes Sean.
(d) Waves to some friends.

Short Answer Questions

1. What's Frannie's chore after dinner?

2. What does Mama say when Frannie says that she feels as if the world is slipping away from her?

3. What does Trevor ask the new boy when the boy doesn't say what his name is?

4. What color does Rayray say Jesus was?

5. What happens when Frannie touches the surface of the tiny creek with her boot?

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