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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What's the weather like on the day of the new boy's arrival in Frannie's class?
(a) It's raining.
(b) It's storming.
(c) It's hot.
(d) It's snowing.

2. What does Trevor ask the new boy when the boy doesn't say what his name is?
(a) Talk or I'll hit you!
(b) Why aren't you talking?
(c) Are you stupid?
(d) Are you deaf?

3. What does Frannie's father do for a living?
(a) Teaches teachers about new methods.
(b) Drives a truck.
(c) Organizes meetings and events.
(d) Teaches school.

4. What is the feature Frannie most wants from her father?
(a) His hair.
(b) His laugh.
(c) His long legs.
(d) His even teeth.

5. What color is Samantha's coat?
(a) Pink and white.
(b) Blue and brown.
(c) Blue and white.
(d) Purple and pink.

6. What does Mama say when Frannie says that she feels as if the world is slipping away from her?
(a) That she shouldn't feel that way.
(b) That she should pray about it.
(c) That everyone feels that.
(d) That it's growing pains.

7. What does Mama call the library?
(a) A magical place.
(b) The book place.
(c) A waste of space.
(d) Day care center.

8. Where does the new boy say he learned to sign?
(a) He doesn't remember.
(b) He attended the Daffodil school.
(c) His mother was deaf.
(d) His father was deaf.

9. What is Frannie's reaction when the new boy says she and Sean look alike?
(a) She asks where he saw them.
(b) She says they aren't really brother and sister.
(c) That Sean is beautiful and she isn't.
(d) That everyone says that.

10. What does Mama say surreal means?
(a) Like a dream.
(b) Old.
(c) Imaginary.
(d) Very, very real.

11. Why does the boy say he first signed to Frannie?
(a) He'd seen her signing with Sean.
(b) Trevor told him Frannie's brother is deaf.
(c) He signs all the time.
(d) He doesn't know.

12. What does Frannie say about the sky as they're walking home that day?
(a) There are dark clouds.
(b) There's too much smog to see the sky.
(c) It's already dark with no stars.
(d) It's clear and crisp.

13. What does Sean ask Frannie to imagine while they are sitting together at the beginning of chapter three?
(a) A world in which hatred doesn't exist.
(b) Having their father at home all the time.
(c) A bridge that connects the two sides of the highway.
(d) Having al lthe candy and ice cream they wanted.

14. Who does Frannie sit down across from?
(a) Trevor.
(b) The new boy.
(c) Maribel Tanks.
(d) Samantha.

15. How many of her children does Mama say are in Baby Heaven?
(a) Lila and two others.
(b) Lila and one other.
(c) Just Lila.
(d) Lila and three others.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Frannie say she always smells in the rec center?

2. What is Frannie's real first name?

3. What is the sign that flashes into Frannie's head as she's watching Trevor, Rayray and the new boy?

4. What color are Trevor's eyes?

5. What does Sean say he'd do after he crossed the bridge he's imagined?

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