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Sign, sign, sign

Challenge students to learn ten signs in American Sign Language.

Dress the part

Have students dress as Frannie and her friends would have. Remember that the time setting in the 1970s. Big hair, bell bottoms and tie-dye were all the rage.

Create a timeline

Create a timeline of the major events of the story. This may be a class project or may be something individual students produce on their own.

Map it

Have students create a map of Frannie's school, her apartment, Sean's school, the rec center, Maribel's store, Samantha's house and any other places mentioned in the book. Remind students that some aspects of the map will be from their imaginations because locations and descriptions weren't provided in the book.

Who am I?

Have a student assume the identity of a character from the book. The rest of the class should ask "yes or...

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