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Chapter Abstracts

Chapter 1

• Frannie and her classmates have had a day typical of most days with snow and the teacher's decision that they could go outside at lunch time.

• A new boy arrives in the class, noteworthy because of his pale skin and his calm demeanor.

• Frannie recalls a poem that said, "hope is a thing with feathers," and her mother's assessment that it means people should look forward.

• Frannie notes that there's one boy in their class who has blue eyes, Trevor, and that when a classmate asked if his father was white, Trevor grew angry.

Chapter 2

• Several of the students have the attitude that the new boy doesn't belong at Price School because he is the only white student.

• Frannie sits with her best friend, Samantha, who is sitting with Maribel Tanks.

• Maribel's mother owns a grocery store and Maribel says the new boy had been in the...

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