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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Thompson and the attorney find out when they return to their suite after dealing with the girl the attorney brought to the Hotel Flamingo?
(a) The seminar is starting that evening.
(b) The magazine has called for the work Thompson was supposed to send.
(c) The girl, Lucy, has called them.
(d) The police are going to run drug dogs through the hotel.

2. Why does the waitress in Part II, Chapter 8 become afraid of the attorney?
(a) He shoves her against the wall.
(b) He pulls out a knife.
(c) He pulls a gun on her.
(d) He begins verbally abusing her

3. What is Thompson wearing at the beginning of Part II, Chapter 6?
(a) Torn blue jeans and a flannel shirt.
(b) A Neru shirt and black pants.
(c) Shorts and a Hawaiian shirt.
(d) Wingtips and sport coat.

4. Who calls Thompson while he is still in the Hotel Flamingo room in Part II, Chapter 12?
(a) The maid.
(b) Bruce Innes.
(c) The attorney.
(d) Lucy.

5. By the middle of Part II, Chapter 5, how long has Thompson been without sleep?
(a) 24 hours.
(b) 80 hours.
(c) 36 hours.
(d) 55 hours.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who, in Part II, Chapter 9, claims the manuscript has become indecipherable?

2. For what was Thompson’s friend in Part II, Chapter 10 jailed?

3. How does the attorney feel about Thompson’s decision in Part II, Chapter 5?

4. What is the attorney wearing in the beginning of Part II, Chapter 6?

5. Why is the person in line ahead of Thompson at the Hotel Flamingo arguing with the hotel desk clerk?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Thompson find when he enters his hotel room in Part II, Chapter 3?

2. Why does Bruce Innes call Thompson, and what does Thompson do after he talks to Bruce? What is the outcome of the situation?

3. Where does Thompson and the attorney sit at the first day of the convention and what are they each wearing?

4. What does Thompson read in the pharmacy parking lot?

5. How does Thompson handle the situation with the Hotel Flamingo desk clerk in Part II, Chapter 4?

6. What happens when Thompson is checking into the Hotel Flamingo in Part II, Chapter 2?

7. What happened to a friend of Thompson’s in Las Vegas, as described in Part II, Chapter 10?

8. What happens between Thompson and the attorney and the waitress at the diner in Part II, Chapter 8?

9. How is Thompson doing several hours after taking the attorney’s advise in Part II, Chapter 5, and what must Thompson do at noon the next day?

10. How does Thompson feel when he returns to their destroyed suite at the Hotel Flamingo in Part II, Chapter 11?

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