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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why was the person in jail , according to the newspaper article Thompson read in the pharmacy parking lot?
(a) He had robbed a store.
(b) He was a draft dodger.
(c) He had been arrested for reckless driving.
(d) He was having a drug overdose.

2. What does Thompson decide to do after talking with the Hotel Flamingo desk clerk in Part II, Chapter 4?
(a) Attend the seminar that night.
(b) Go to another hotel.
(c) Get the attorney to leave Las Vegas.
(d) Leave Las Vegas.

3. What kind of art does the girl with the attorney in the Hotel Flamingo room do?
(a) Portraits of Debbie Reynolds.
(b) Portraits of Barbra Streisand.
(c) Portraits of Mick Jagger.
(d) Portraits of Nixon.

4. Who does Thompson encounter at the Hotel Flamingo?
(a) The parking lot attendant who banged up the Red Shark.
(b) His ex-wife.
(c) A crowd of police officers.
(d) The bellhop from Circus-Circus.

5. Why does the attorney give drugs to the girl with him in the Hotel Flamingo room?
(a) He is taking sexual advantage of her.
(b) She is feeling down.
(c) She likes to use drugs.
(d) He has not given her any drugs.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Thompson call Timothy Leary?

2. In Part II, Chapter 7, what does Thompson think about the police officer in the seminar and drug users?

3. What does the Hotel Flamingo maid do when Thompson and the attorney are done with her in Part II, Chapter 11?

4. Why is Thompson drinking Bloody Marys at the beginning of Part II?

5. What does Thompson tell people as to why Thompson is leaving the seminar in Part II, Chapter 7?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Bruce Innes call Thompson, and what does Thompson do after he talks to Bruce? What is the outcome of the situation?

2. What does Thompson read in the pharmacy parking lot?

3. What happened in Aspen when Bruce was singing there one time?

4. How does Thompson feel when he returns to their destroyed suite at the Hotel Flamingo in Part II, Chapter 11?

5. What happens between Thompson and the attorney and the waitress at the diner in Part II, Chapter 8?

6. Where does Thompson and the attorney sit at the first day of the convention and what are they each wearing?

7. What happened to a friend of Thompson’s in Las Vegas, as described in Part II, Chapter 10?

8. What does Thompson do with the Red Shark in the beginning of Part II, and what does he do right after that?

9. What does Thompson find when he enters his hotel room in Part II, Chapter 3?

10. What do Thompson and the attorney tell the DA from Georgia and what is the DA’s reaction to it?

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