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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Thompson encounter at the Hotel Flamingo?
(a) The bellhop from Circus-Circus.
(b) A crowd of police officers.
(c) The parking lot attendant who banged up the Red Shark.
(d) His ex-wife.

2. What crime do Thompson and the attorney tell the DA they speak to in the bar is sweeping the country?
(a) Crack labs.
(b) Witchcraft.
(c) Drug farms.
(d) Slavery.

3. What does the attorney tell Thompson could happen if Thompson struggles against the effects of the drug in Part II, Chapter 5?
(a) A bad trip.
(b) Brain damage.
(c) The drugs wear off faster.
(d) The drugs wear off slower.

4. How long is the opening session of the seminar in Part II, Chapter 7?
(a) Three hours.
(b) Four hours.
(c) One hour.
(d) Two hours.

5. What does the attorney advise Thompson to do in Part II, Chapter 5?
(a) Take a hit of adrenochrome.
(b) Take a hit of LSD.
(c) Smoke some marijuana.
(d) Swallow two mescalines.

6. Who, in Part II, Chapter 9, claims the manuscript has become indecipherable?
(a) The literary critic.
(b) The publisher.
(c) The editor.
(d) The attorney.

7. Why is the person in line ahead of Thompson at the Hotel Flamingo arguing with the hotel desk clerk?
(a) He wants an extra bed for his daughter.
(b) His reservation is late.
(c) He wanted a king sized bed.
(d) They are not arguing.

8. What is written instead of the manuscript, as explained in Part II, Chapter 9?
(a) Verbatim transcription of tape recordings.
(b) Poetry.
(c) A dialogue on drugs and the brain.
(d) Copies of newspaper articles.

9. What car does Thompson chose at the rental booth in Part II?
(a) A Mercedes.
(b) A Volvo.
(c) A Jeep.
(d) A Cadillac.

10. What does Thompson do about the Hotel Flamingo maid in Part II, Chapter 11?
(a) He tells the attorney to leave her alone.
(b) He tells her she is under arrest.
(c) He tells her to leave.
(d) He has her sit on the bed.

11. What is the last thing Thompson and the attorney tell the DA they meet in a bar?
(a) Not to tell anyone what they told him.
(b) To look for the signs in empty buildings.
(c) To get out of law enforcement.
(d) To do a sweep of his hometown.

12. About what does the person who called Thompson in his Hotel Flamingo room in Part II, Chapter 12 have information?
(a) A new drug dealer on the street.
(b) An ape.
(c) A couple of drug dealers down the hall.
(d) The new flight schedule from Las Vegas to L.A

13. Why is the girl with the attorney at the Hotel Flamingo not at home?
(a) She is an adult.
(b) She is a run away.
(c) She is on vacation.
(d) She works at the hotel.

14. In Part II, what car does the man at the car rental booth recommend?
(a) A jeep.
(b) A cadillac.
(c) A Mercedes.
(d) A Lincoln Continental.

15. By what name does the narrator go?
(a) Dr. Uranus.
(b) Dr. Who.
(c) Dr. Duke.
(d) Dr. Leary.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Thompson realize about the people at the convention in Part II, Chapter 6?

2. How does the attorney feel about Thompson’s decision in Part II, Chapter 5?

3. What does Thompson call Timothy Leary?

4. Why does the Hotel Flamingo desk clerk decide to leave Thompson alone in Part II, Chapter 4?

5. What is Thompson wearing at the beginning of Part II, Chapter 6?

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