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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is amazing about the well in "The Longwitton Dragon"?
(a) It leads to a magic world.
(b) It never empties.
(c) It gives love to all that drink from it.
(d) It gives vitality to all that drink from it.

2. What do the animals decide to buy in "Why the Hare Runs Away"?
(a) A tractor.
(b) A hoe.
(c) A bone.
(d) A cave.

3. How does the woman in "The Brewery of Eggshells," discover the child is not hers?
(a) She makes an omelette.
(b) She paints eggshells.
(c) She poaches eggs.
(d) She brews eggshells.

4. In "The King's Favorite," when does the king remember the girl's disobedience?
(a) When she is old.
(b) When she dies.
(c) On her 13th birthday.
(d) He does not remember.

5. What does Ansai ask people to count in "Being Greedy Chokes Anansi"?
(a) Sheep.
(b) Carrots.
(c) Yams.
(d) Pigs.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many tribes exist at the start of "How Men and Women Got Together"?

2. In "Merry Prank," the king wants to see if ________is more clever then his jesters.

3. What is wrong with the handsome suitor in "Mr. Fox"?

4. How is the child in "The Two Pickpockets" deformed?

5. In "The Devil with the Three Golden Hairs," at whose house does the boy sleep?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why are the girl and her family crying in "The Three Sillies"?

2. What does Goha hope for his wife in "Goha On the Deathbed"?

3. What does the man find out about the girl he falls in love with in "A Pretty Girl in the Road"?

4. Why is no one in "Being Greedy Chokes Anansi" allowed to say the word five?

5. What happens after the men visit the Chief in "Talk"?

6. In "The Goose Girl," who trades places with the princess and why? What becomes of the impostor?

7. What is the pact that the two men make in "One Night in Paradise"? Do they follow through on the pact?

8. What did the infant child in "The Two Pickpockets" steal from the midwife?

9. Describe the first 30 years of man and his last 30 years as described in "The Duration of Life."

10. How does Catherine trick her husband in "Catherine, Sly Country Lass"?

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