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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the doctor in "The Doctor and His Pupil," challenge his student to do?
(a) Shapeshift.
(b) Make a wish.
(c) Perform surgery.
(d) Cast spells.

2. In "The Spirit Wife," why can the man not touch his wife?
(a) She'll die.
(b) A great earthquake will occur.
(c) He'll die.
(d) He will collapse into dust.

3. In "Talk" something frightens the men. What frightens them?
(a) Their objects talk.
(b) Ghosts speak to them.
(c) The sky speaks to them.
(d) The water speaks to them.

4. How is the first brother rewarded when he gives the women a line to their song in "The Two Hunchbacks"?
(a) They give him their daughter.
(b) The give him magical powers.
(c) They remove his hump.
(d) They give him gold.

5. What does the magician try to create in "The Well-Baked Man"?
(a) Actors.
(b) Animals.
(c) Cookies.
(d) Humans.

6. What does the princess promise to give birth to in "The Promises of the Three Sisters"?
(a) Octoplets.
(b) Twins.
(c) A daughter.
(d) A son.

7. In "The Blacksmith's Wife of Yarrowfoot," what is nailed to the brother's wife?
(a) Stakes.
(b) Hooves.
(c) Horseshoes.
(d) Papers.

8. In "The King of Ireland's Son," what game must Art play?
(a) Hide and Seek.
(b) Poker.
(c) Checkers.
(d) Tag.

9. What vegetable is the man tending to at the start of "Talk"?
(a) Yams.
(b) Carrots.
(c) Cucumbers.
(d) Onions.

10. What creature must Art beat in "The King of Ireland's Son"?
(a) A unicorn.
(b) A giant.
(c) A witch.
(d) A dragon.

11. What does the poor man want to smell in "Rich Man, Poor Man"?
(a) Perfume.
(b) Poison.
(c) The rich man's food.
(d) Flowers.

12. What is Bridget supposed to find at the castle in 'Bridget and the Lurikeen'?
(a) Silver.
(b) Her parents.
(c) Her prince.
(d) Gold.

13. What does the witch tie to the sister's neck in "Sister Alionushka, Brother Ivanushka"?
(a) A chain.
(b) A necktie.
(c) A jewel.
(d) A stone.

14. What punishment is given to the boy in "Truth and Falsehood"?
(a) His ears are pulled.
(b) He is spanked.
(c) His fingers are broken.
(d) His ears are boxed.

15. In "Talk," who sends the frightened men away?
(a) The chief.
(b) The police.
(c) A priest.
(d) A teacher.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who frees the devil from Katcha's clutches?

2. From what country does the story "The Peasant and the Devil" originate?

3. In "Sister Alionushka, Brother Ivanushka," the brother turns into _____________.

4. The young man loses his prize horse in "Lost Horse." What does does his father think about this?

5. What is the true identity of the brother's wife in "The Blacksmith's Wife of Yarrowfoot"?

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