Daily Lessons for Teaching Faust. Part Two

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Lesson 1 (from Act I)


(Act I) This lesson will focus on the author, Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe, and Part I of the novel as a precursor to Part II.


1. In class research: Introduce the novel by reading a short biographical paragraph about Goethe, or a short list of interesting facts about the author. Then instruct students to utilize the library to find out more specific biographical information on Goethe. Encourage them to pay specific attention to the social/political/cultural climate that Goethe lived in and how that may have influenced his writings, specifically Faust.

2. Writing Assignment: After students have had time to conduct research on Goethe, they should write a brief journal entry detailing their findings, noting interesting facts and any information about Goethe that would be pertinent to his rendering of Faust.

3. Short Presentations & Class Discussion: With the writing assignment at the ready for reference have students...

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