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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Gretchen's Room, Martha's Garden, and At The Well.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the fate of the box of jewelry when Gretchen shows it to her mother?
(a) Gretchen sold the jewelry and gave the money to charity.
(b) Gretchen buried it in the garden.
(c) Gretchen had to give it to her priest.
(d) Gretchen throws the jewelry away.

2. What has worsened Barbara's plight, according to Lieschen?
(a) Barbara has recently been robbed and has no money.
(b) Barbara is very ill.
(c) The father of Barbara's baby has run away.
(d) Barbara has renounced God.

3. After he drinks the potion, what does Faust want to do?
(a) See the girl from the mirror.
(b) Join the militia.
(c) Travel to another country.
(d) Seduce a random woman.

4. What does Faust admit to Mephistopheles in the second "Faust's Study"?
(a) He is comfortable with Mephistopheles in his life.
(b) He resents God.
(c) He is unhappy with life.
(d) He lusts after a village girl.

5. What does Faust believe about the mysterious animal that approaches him during "Outside the Town Wall"?
(a) It is an evil spirit.
(b) It is his pet from childhood.
(c) It is an escaped pet.
(d) It is a sign from God.

Short Answer Questions

1. In regards to their bargain, what does Faust make Mephistopheles agree to before signing the pledge?

2. Why was Gretchen forced to raise her now-deceased sister and take care of the house when she was younger?

3. What does Martha warn Mephistopheles about while Gretchen and Faust speak?

4. What does Mephistopheles suggest about Faust's vows of love to Gretchen in "A Street"?

5. Where does the poodle transform into Mephistopheles?

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