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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Gretchen's Room, Martha's Garden, and At The Well.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does "Outside the Town Wall" take place?
(a) The countryside.
(b) The church.
(c) The forest.
(d) The river.

2. What does the poodle refuse to do when in Faust's study?
(a) Warm itself by the fire.
(b) Stay calm.
(c) Drink.
(d) Eat.

3. In "Evening," what does Gretchen admit to herself?
(a) She is afraid of men.
(b) She wishes to become a nun.
(c) She does not like to go outside.
(d) She is attracted to Faust.

4. Why does Mephistopheles grow angry at the witch that he visits with Faust?
(a) She does not recognize him as her master.
(b) She spits at Faust.
(c) She tries to renounce her evil ways.
(d) She hits her baboons.

5. In "Dedication," what does the author ultimately decide is more important than fame?
(a) The memories of his loved ones.
(b) Spiritual fulfillment.
(c) Political activism.
(d) Wealth.

Short Answer Questions

1. In the scene after he drinks the potion to appear younger, where does Faust see the girl he saw a vision of at the witch's kitchen?

2. According to God, how does Faust feel about his relationship with Him?

3. Ultimately, in "Prelude on the Stage," what does the director decide to do with their play?

4. What is Faust's reaction to the chorus of spirits in the first scene called "Faust's Study?"

5. What does Faust do when left alone in Gretchen's room in "Evening"?

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