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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Evening, A Promenade, and The Neighbor's House.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Martha believe about her abusive husband?
(a) He is traveling abroad with his mistress.
(b) He is going to kill her one day.
(c) He is jealous of her wealth.
(d) He is dead.

2. Ultimately, in "Prelude on the Stage," what does the director decide to do with their play?
(a) Take suggestions from the audience and create a play.
(b) Take the audience on a journey from heaven to hell.
(c) They will perform a classic tragedy instead of their play.
(d) Perform a comedy.

3. What is Faust's title?
(a) Doctor.
(b) Barrister.
(c) Sir.
(d) Lord.

4. When Gretchen re-enters her room in "Evening," how does she begin to feel?
(a) Refreshed.
(b) Joyful.
(c) Uneasy.
(d) Angry.

5. How does the girl first react to Faust when she meets him?
(a) Rudely.
(b) Shyly.
(c) She is flattered.
(d) She tries to kiss him.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mephistopheles explain to Faust about Gretchen's mother in "A Promenade"?

2. Where does "Night" take place?

3. According to what he tells Mephistopheles, what did the Easter celebration initially bring Faust, which he no longer has?

4. When Faust is interrupted in his suicide attempt, what refreshes his faith in God?

5. What is Faust's reaction to the chorus of spirits in the first scene called "Faust's Study?"

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