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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Walpurgis Night and A Walpurgis Night's Dream.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What promise does Mephistopheles extract from Faust before taking him to meet Gretchen?
(a) Faust must never drink their wine, as it has been touched by a priest.
(b) Faust must lie about Martha's husband.
(c) Faust must not take Gretchen's virginity.
(d) Faust must not look Martha in the eyes.

2. What is Faust's reaction to the chorus of spirits in the first scene called "Faust's Study?"
(a) He gets drunk.
(b) He becomes afraid.
(c) He starts to fear for his sanity.
(d) He falls asleep.

3. What does Mephistopheles give all the men in the tavern?
(a) Herbs that he claims will promote vigor.
(b) Drinks he conjured up.
(c) Dried meat.
(d) Gold coins.

4. What does Martha believe about her abusive husband?
(a) He is jealous of her wealth.
(b) He is traveling abroad with his mistress.
(c) He is dead.
(d) He is going to kill her one day.

5. Why does Mephistopheles come to God in the "Prologue in Heaven"?
(a) He sneaked in behind another angel.
(b) He and God are friends.
(c) He has to ask God for a favor.
(d) God invited him.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Faust first see the image of the girl with whom he grows obsessed?

2. What comforts Gretchen's mother when the priest takes the jewels away?

3. How does Gretchen feel about Barbara?

4. What is the song about in "A Cathedral"?

5. What does Mephistopheles explain to Faust about Gretchen's mother in "A Promenade"?

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