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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Walpurgis Night and A Walpurgis Night's Dream.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mephistopheles admit to Faust will happen when he (Faust) sleeps with Gretchen?
(a) Mephistopheles will be powerless until Faust sleeps with Gretchen.
(b) Mephistopheles will also get pleasure from the act.
(c) Mephistopheles's influence over Gretchen will be broken.
(d) Gretchen will no longer have the innocence to which Faust is so attracted.

2. What is the poet's goal in the beginning of this play?
(a) A story of redemption for a time without hope.
(b) Fame.
(c) A scathing look at society.
(d) A true artistic statement.

3. What is Faust awed by, according to the beginning of "A Forest Cavern"?
(a) He has no feelings beyond lust for Gretchen.
(b) Gretchen refuses to be swayed by Mephistopheles.
(c) Gretchen understands his feelings about God.
(d) He has fallen deeply in love with Gretchen.

4. What does the poet believe the director is doing to him in "Prelude on the Stage"?
(a) Giving him his big break.
(b) Giving him a platform on which he can write.
(c) Stifling his creativity.
(d) Sabotaging him on purpose.

5. When Faust is interrupted in his suicide attempt, what refreshes his faith in God?
(a) The sunlight.
(b) The priests doing charitable works.
(c) A child praying.
(d) The Easter hymnals.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the fate of the box of jewelry when Gretchen shows it to her mother?

2. Who is stirring the witch's cauldron in "A Witch's Kitchen?"

3. Why does Gretchen choose this particular person to pray to during "By a Shrine Inside the Town Wall, Night"?

4. What does Martha believe about her abusive husband?

5. What is Wagner's relationship with Faust?

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