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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through By A Shrine Inside The Town Wall, Night. The Street Outside Gretchen's Door, and A Cathedral.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Valentine duel Mephistopheles and Faust?
(a) Faust insulted him.
(b) He is protecting Gretchen's honor.
(c) He thinks Faust raped Gretchen.
(d) Mephistopheles cast a spell on Valentine to manipulate him into a duel.

2. What does Faust attempt to bring Gretchen during "The Street Outside Gretchen's Door"?
(a) A flower.
(b) A necklace.
(c) A bottle of wine.
(d) A ring.

3. In what language is the song heard during "A Cathedral"?
(a) German.
(b) Latin.
(c) French.
(d) English.

4. Why does Gretchen wish to keep the jewelry Faust and Mephistopheles secretly leave for her?
(a) She wishes to have it blessed by a priest.
(b) She thinks she can make a gift of it to her friends.
(c) She thinks she can sell it off and bring in more money for her mother.
(d) She thinks it will make her more beautiful.

5. How does Mephistopheles give Martha contradicting statements about her husband in "The Neighbor's House"?
(a) He tells her that her husband was a great man and a despicable man.
(b) He tells her that her husband was a homosexual, but probably not.
(c) He hints at different times that her husband loved her or did not love her.
(d) He tells her that her husband is dead and then alive.

Short Answer Questions

1. What are the men in the tavern about ready to do when Mephistopheles finally stops them?

2. What does Martha admit about the second box of jewelry?

3. Where does the poodle transform into Mephistopheles?

4. How does Mephistopheles entertain the crowd during "Auerbach's Tavern"?

5. What does Mephistopheles give all the men in the tavern?

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