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Short Answer Questions

1. How is Pavel related to Arkady?

2. When does Bazarov tell Anna he will be leaving?

3. What does Pavel say will happen if people discard things like the aristocracy?

4. What does Pavel say he can endure no longer?

5. What was Nikolai's father's ranking in the army?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Bazarov's situation change at the end of this section?

2. Why does Pavel challenge Bazarov to a duel?

3. In what way have times been hard for Nikolai in recent times?

4. How do Baradov's parents react when they see their son for the first time in three years in chapter 20?

5. In way does Bazarov contradict his nihilistic beliefs in this section?

6. What is Pavel's argument in support of aristocracy?

7. What comment do you think Turgenev is making about love in this book?

8. What happens to all the major characters by the end of the story?

9. What prompts Arkady to declare his love for Katya?

10. In what way were Pavel and Nikolai different as children?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss whether you think this statement is true or false; The Fathers and Sons foreshadows communism and Bazarov is an early example of a Bolshevik. Use two examples from the novel to support your argument.

Essay Topic 2

The novel is set in Russian provinces.

1) What meaning does Russian provinces bring to the novel? What would you automatically presume about a novel that was set in Russian provinces?

2) How different do you think today's Russian provinces is to the Russian provinces in the novel? How do you think the novel's meaning would change if it were set in today's Russian provinces?

Essay Topic 3

The main themes in the novel are redemption through love, generational gaps and true human nature. Take one of these themes and discuss how Turgenev expresses them in the book? Why do you think these themes were important concerns in 1850s Russia?

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