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Short Answer Questions

1. How does the author say that Pavel conducts himself?

2. Who does Nikolai say would frown on his relationship with Fenitchka?

3. Who overhears Bazarov lecturing Arkady on old ways of thinking?

4. Why does Arkady's comment infuriate Pavel?

5. What was Nikolai's father's ranking in the army?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Nikolai's parents.

2. How does Barradov feel about being rejected by Anna?

3. How does fate play a part in this section?

4. How does Bazarov's situation change at the end of this section?

5. What does Arkady like about Katya?

6. In what way does Nikolai show jealously towards his brother Pavel in chapter 9?

7. In what way have times been hard for Nikolai in recent times?

8. What prompts Arkady to declare his love for Katya?

9. Why is Nikolai so upset at the beginning of chapter 11?

10. In what way does Bazarov upset Pavel?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Examine Turgenev's writing style. How would you describe Turgenev's prose style? What kind of vocabulary does he use? Does he use any specific writing techniques? What meaning does Turgenev's style give to the story?

Essay Topic 2

Examine Russia culture.

1) What influence have Russia had on the world as a whole? What influence have they had on America?

2) What famous people have come from Russia? What influence have Russia had in the arts and in politics?

3) What is Turgenev's view on his motherland is. If he happy about the changes occurring in his country?

Essay Topic 3

Look at the generation gap between Arkady, Bazorov and the older characters. How different were the experiences both generations went through? What problems is the generation gap causing the characters? Do you think Arkady and Bazarrov blame characters like Pavel for the state of Russia? Do you think the generational gap expressed in Fathers and Sons was particuarly wide during this time or is wide a generational gap common to all ages?

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