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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Anna say she is now interested in?
(a) Bazarov
(b) A Russian prince
(c) Arkady
(d) Victor

2. What does Arkady insist that Katya has more of than her sister Anna?
(a) Shoes
(b) Character
(c) Beauty
(d) Intelligence

3. Where does Anna summon Arkady the next morning?
(a) Her room
(b) The drawing room
(c) The conservatory
(d) The kitchen

4. Who does Arkady marry?
(a) Drella
(b) Fenitchka
(c) Anna
(d) Katya

5. What does Bazarov apologize to Anna about?
(a) His mood
(b) That he has to leave soon
(c) His appearance
(d) His declarations of love

6. What does Arkady do immediately after telling Kaya he puts her above anyone else?
(a) Thumps his chest
(b) Kisses her
(c) Goes to his room
(d) Pulls out an engagement ring

7. Where does Bazarov decide to go at the end of the chapter?
(a) Home
(b) Moscow
(c) To Nikolai's farm
(d) St. Petersburg

8. What way do the two young men decide to go at the beginning of the section?
(a) Right
(b) Left
(c) Backwards
(d) Straight

9. Where did Nikolai meet Fenitchka's mother?
(a) At a rooming house
(b) At a hotel
(c) On a bordello
(d) In Berlin

10. Who did Vassily use to serve as a doctor?
(a) Mental patients
(b) The army
(c) The marines
(d) Cancer victims

11. Who are Katya's mother's letters addressed to?
(a) Nikolai
(b) Pavel
(c) Arkady's mother
(d) Arkady

12. In what way did Anna put Bazarov in an unfair position?
(a) She promised him the world
(b) She loved him too much
(c) She flirted with him
(d) She forced him to visit her

13. What does Bazarov try to do with Fenitchka at the arbor?
(a) Hold her hand
(b) Push her inthe water
(c) Hug her
(d) Kiss her

14. What does Pavel ask to see in Fenitchka's room?
(a) Her photographs
(b) Her baby
(c) Her dresses
(d) Her book collection

15. What does Bazarov do while Arkady is away from the farm?
(a) Lies in the sun
(b) Argues with Pavel
(c) Drinks
(d) Conducts experiments

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Vassily feel so uneasy in this section

2. What does Bazarov do to try and win the affections of Fenitchka?

3. What has Arkady requested in his letter to Anna?

4. What does Bazarov promise his father?

5. In what way does Arkady say Katya is like Anna?

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