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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How long has it been since Arina and Vassily have seen their son?
(a) Five years
(b) Eight years
(c) Six months
(d) Three years

2. Who is the guest at dinner?
(a) A Russian princess
(b) The local priest
(c) Anna
(d) Nikolai

3. Who does the servant say has arrived to see Arkady?
(a) Bazarov
(b) Nikolai
(c) Piotr
(d) Pavel

4. What do Bazarov and Arkady have a heated discussion about later that afternoon?
(a) Families
(b) Nihilism
(c) The nature of human beings
(d) How to make porridge

5. What is the baby's name?
(a) Sanya
(b) Helena
(c) Mitya
(d) Jana

6. What does Bazarov try to do with Fenitchka at the arbor?
(a) Hold her hand
(b) Hug her
(c) Push her inthe water
(d) Kiss her

7. What does Arkady think there may be value in?
(a) Money and music
(b) Nature and romance
(c) Family and security
(d) Marriage

8. What is certain will happen to Bazarov now he has typhus?
(a) He will become impotent
(b) His hair will fall out
(c) Death
(d) He will lose his legs

9. How does Arina react to seeing her son again?
(a) She makes his favorite sandwich
(b) She runs back into the house
(c) She weeps
(d) She hits him

10. What does Anna say Bazarov's feelings towards Katya are?
(a) Indifferent
(b) Hate
(c) Love
(d) Brotherly

11. Who did Vassily use to serve as a doctor?
(a) The marines
(b) Mental patients
(c) Cancer victims
(d) The army

12. Which character in the book says "such women are not common nowadays."
(a) The author
(b) Nikolai
(c) Vassily
(d) Bazarov

13. What illness does the man who visits Bazarov have?
(a) Consumption
(b) Scurvy
(c) Typhus
(d) Flu

14. Whose voices do Arkady and Katya hear as they sit in the garden?
(a) Nikolai and Pavel
(b) Anna and Victor
(c) Anna and Bazarov
(d) Pavel and Bazarov

15. How does Fenitchka feel about having Pavel in her room?
(a) Happy
(b) Frightened
(c) Embarrashed
(d) Sad

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Bazarov accuse Arkady of being when he states his wishes for his father to marry Fenitchka?

2. Who does Arkady marry?

3. Whose door does Pavel knock on when he returns to the house?

4. How long do Arkady and Bazarov stay at Nikolskoe?

5. What do Bazorov and Arkady hear playing in the distance?

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