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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who witnesses the kiss between Bazarov and Fenitchka?
(a) Pavel
(b) Arkady
(c) Piotr
(d) Nikolai

2. Who does Anna say she is now interested in?
(a) A Russian prince
(b) Bazarov
(c) Victor
(d) Arkady

3. What does Pavel ask to borrow from Fenitchka?
(a) Green tea
(b) Sugar
(c) Flour
(d) Porridge

4. What part of the body does Bazarov shoot Pavel?
(a) In the leg
(b) In the groin
(c) In the arm
(d) In the buttocks

5. Who does Bazarov think that Arkady is having an affair with?
(a) Fenitchka
(b) Anna
(c) Sonja
(d) Katya

6. What does Pavel ask to see in Fenitchka's room?
(a) Her dresses
(b) Her photographs
(c) Her book collection
(d) Her baby

7. What kind of nature does the author say the flowers tells us of?
(a) Tame
(b) Wild
(c) Innocent
(d) Indifferent

8. What does Bazarov apologize to Anna about?
(a) His declarations of love
(b) His appearance
(c) His mood
(d) That he has to leave soon

9. Why does Vassily decide not to tell his wife that their son is leaving?
(a) She won't care
(b) She will get angry
(c) She will fuss
(d) It will break her heart

10. In what way does Arkady say Katya is like Anna?
(a) She is funny
(b) She has dark hair
(c) She is beautiful
(d) She is independent

11. What would turning right take the two young men?
(a) Nikolai's farm
(b) A doctors convention
(c) Moscow
(d) A funfair

12. What does Bazarov accuse Arkady of being when he states his wishes for his father to marry Fenitchka?
(a) Wet
(b) Prudish
(c) Outlandish
(d) Overly moral

13. What does Bazarov's grave sit between?
(a) Two elm trees
(b) Two oak trees
(c) Two crosses
(d) Moscow and St. Petersburg

14. What does Bazarov do while Arkady is away from the farm?
(a) Argues with Pavel
(b) Conducts experiments
(c) Lies in the sun
(d) Drinks

15. Who did Vassily use to serve as a doctor?
(a) Cancer victims
(b) Mental patients
(c) The army
(d) The marines

Short Answer Questions

1. Which other character has remarried?

2. Where did Nikolai meet Fenitchka's mother?

3. What does Pavel do when Nikolai comes into the room?

4. Whose door does Pavel knock on when he returns to the house?

5. Where does Anna summon Arkady the next morning?

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