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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Arkady discover that his father has?
(a) An ancient book of medicine
(b) Letters from Katya's mother
(c) A deadly illness
(d) Gold

2. Why can Pavel not make suggestions about how to run the farm?
(a) He is not trained in such matters
(b) He does not like the farm
(c) It will cost him money
(d) His brother has to sort out his own problems

3. Who does Anna send for after her meeting with Bazarov?
(a) Arkady
(b) Piotr
(c) Katya
(d) Ivan

4. Who does Nikolai marry?
(a) Drella
(b) Fenitchka
(c) Katya
(d) Anna

5. Who does Vassily now serve as doctor?
(a) The local village
(b) Government officials
(c) Students
(d) The Russian Tsar

6. Who is playing the violin?
(a) Nikolai
(b) Fenitchka
(c) Anna
(d) Pavel

7. How does Fenitchka feel about having Pavel in her room?
(a) Frightened
(b) Sad
(c) Happy
(d) Embarrashed

8. Where does Bazarov take a walk the next morning?
(a) The woods
(b) Along the riverside
(c) Around a lake
(d) The local park

9. What does Bazarov accuse Arkady of being when he states his wishes for his father to marry Fenitchka?
(a) Wet
(b) Overly moral
(c) Outlandish
(d) Prudish

10. How does Bazarov contract typhus?
(a) He touches the man with his naked skin
(b) He uses the man's tooth brush
(c) He cuts himself
(d) He tries to resusitate the man

11. What is the name of Bazorov's father?
(a) Ivan
(b) Vassily
(c) Dmitry
(d) Igor

12. What does Bazarov tell Arkady about?
(a) The duel
(b) His love for Anna
(c) His kiss with Fenitchka
(d) His experiments

13. What would turning right take the two young men?
(a) A doctors convention
(b) A funfair
(c) Moscow
(d) Nikolai's farm

14. What does Bazarov comment on during their walk around the farm?
(a) The state of Russia
(b) The bad state of the farm
(c) His bunions
(d) The lack of decent food

15. Which character in the book says "such women are not common nowadays."
(a) The author
(b) Nikolai
(c) Bazarov
(d) Vassily

Short Answer Questions

1. What part of the body does Bazarov shoot Pavel?

2. Where do Arkady and Bazarov go after Nikolskoe?

3. What does Bazarov do while Arkady is away from the farm?

4. Where does Arkady say he is going when he leaves to visit Katya?

5. Where does Bazarov decide to go at the end of the chapter?

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