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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 27 and 28.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Pavel ask to borrow from Fenitchka?
(a) Porridge
(b) Flour
(c) Sugar
(d) Green tea

2. What decade in the 19th century is the novel set?
(a) Seventies
(b) Sixties
(c) Fifties
(d) Eighties

3. What has Anna promised to educate Bazorov on?
(a) Biology
(b) French
(c) English
(d) Chemistry

4. Who have Arkady and Bazarov received an invitation from?
(a) Arkady's uncle
(b) Their university professor
(c) Arkady's cousin
(d) A Russian princess

5. What is the name of Arkady's cousin?
(a) Anna
(b) Kolyazin
(c) Myskin
(d) Katka

Short Answer Questions

1. In what way did Anna put Bazarov in an unfair position?

2. What has Arkady requested in his letter to Anna?

3. Where do Bazarov and Arkady meet Fenitchka in this section?

4. Which character can play the piano?

5. What kind of alcohol do Arkady and Bazarov drink at Kukshin's house?

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