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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 25 and 26.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Nikolai's servants call the farm?
(a) Poverty Farm
(b) Lucky Farm
(c) The Kingdom of Bore
(d) Home Sweet Home

2. What does Arkady want Nikolai to do with Fenitchka?
(a) Make her into a servant
(b) Send her abroad
(c) Throw her out
(d) Marry her

3. Why does Vassily feel so uneasy in this section
(a) He has cramp
(b) He has no money
(c) He is dying
(d) Bazarov won't talk to him

4. How long do Arkady and Bazarov stay at Nikolskoe?
(a) Four hours
(b) One night
(c) Two days
(d) One hour

5. What does Arkady say that people have no right to yield to?
(a) Greed
(b) Love
(c) Personal egoism
(d) Women

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Kolyazin invite the two young men to?

2. Who does Bazarov think that Arkady is having an affair with?

3. What is the name of Nikolai's son?

4. Who did Vassily use to serve as a doctor?

5. Who occasionally addresses the reader?

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