Fathers and Sons Character Descriptions

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Father Alexey - He visits Bazarov's parents and wins money from them at whist.

Arisha - See Arina Vlasyevna Bazarov

Arkasha - See Arkady Nikolaitch Kirsanov

Arina Vlasyevna Bazarov - When she was younger, she was part of the Russian minor nobility, but since she has been married, she has turned over all of her affairs to her husband. She is horrified at the upcoming reforms, however, which will divide up the land of the nobility.

Vassily Ivanovitch Bazarov - He worked as an army surgeon. In his retirement, he lives in a small country homestead, where he administers treatment to the peasants for free.

Yevgeny Vassilyev Bazarov - He is expected by almost everybody to do great things. His unflinching manner and severe conviction to the strict tenets of nihilism--a type of scientific rationalism--has given him many disciples.

Enyusha - See Yevgeny Vassilyev Bazarov


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