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Short Answer Questions

1. What choir performs Vonnegut's requiem?

2. Does Vonnegut believe that most civilians can be considered a "well-regulated militia?"

3. After high school what does Jill make Manhattan and the world?

4. Who founds the Indianapolis chapter of Alcoholics Anonymous in 1955?

5. What does the U.S. allow for 100 years before diagnosing it as a social disease and fighting it?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are two characteristics of Jackson Pollock's work?

2. What is Vonnegut's opinion of the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters? Support your answer.

3. What is the Reverend's opinion on banning objectionable books?

4. Why does Vonnegut greatly admire anything Anonymous, for example, Alcoholics Anonymous?

5. How has Hemingway grown dated?

6. Describe the city of Dresden.

7. What is Vonnegut's opinion of the traditional requiem mass?

8. Although Jill Krementz attends private schools and vacations with the rich as a child, how does she support herself as an adult?

9. What makes Alice a lazy artist?

10. What is one similarity and one difference between the author and Elie Wiesel?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Both Father and Alice are encouraged in their art making.

Part 1) How do their reactions differ? How does this affect their futures as artists?

Part 2) How do you react from encouragement and praise?

Part 3) Describe a time when someone's opinion influenced your actions. Did it result in a positive outcome?

Essay Topic 2

Dresden was firebombed in retaliation for previous attacks on the British during World War II.

Part 1) Was Dresden a good choice for the military to bomb? Why or why not?

Part 2) How would you feel if you had been a POW in Dresden during the firebombing?

Part 3) Are there any cities in the world that have been bombed but you feel shouldn't have been?

Essay Topic 3

Vonnegut is continually unhappy with Christianity throughout the book.

Part 1) Give examples of the behavior of Christians mentioned in the book that would strengthen this attitude towards Christianity.

Part 2) How do groups of Christians mentioned go against or change the meaning of the Bible?

Part 3) Although Vonnegut is not a Christian, he spends quite a bit of time in churches. Do you think, based on his opinion of Christianity, he should have been allowed to speak in churches? Why or why not?

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