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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What Joseph Conrad novel depicts whites as highly evolved and others as monkeys without tails?
(a) The Dark Continent.
(b) Land of Darkness.
(c) Heart of Darkness.
(d) Deep in Darkness.

2. How does Rita Rait become the winner of a limerick contest?
(a) She is the best limerick writer in Russia.
(b) She creates a competition and enters her own work.
(c) She is married to the judge.
(d) She wins the prize left by an eccentric British millionaire for the wittiest original limerick.

3. How do jokes work?
(a) Jokes connect the listener to other listeners.
(b) The comedian tells the audience something funny about society that seems outrageous but is true.
(c) Comedians and the audienceshare a funny moment.
(d) By hooking and releasing the listener, causing the release of fight-or-flight chemicals through laughter.

4. What tough question does Vonnegut's book "Player Piano" ask?
(a) When will there be world peace?
(b) Why do people hurt one another?
(c) What will happen to our planet in the future?
(d) What are people for?

5. Although people with acute mental disorder are less often written off as hopeless, why is there still a lack of certainty for patients and their families?
(a) A dozen separate diseases are still lumped together as schizophrenia/manic depression.
(b) Medications can have severe adverse effects.
(c) Most patients still have to be institutionalized.
(d) Psychological testing is dangerous.

Short Answer Questions

1. With what magazine does Vonnegut travel to Mozambique in 1990 to write an article?

2. How do the MIT students react to Vonnegut's speech?

3. Sufferers of what deficiency seek to become members of a crazy artificial extended family?

4. What organization prevents Mozambicans from learning to read and write?

5. Why are certain words in Rait's limerick replaced with the sound "dah" when recited on the BBC?

Short Essay Questions

1. What terrible thing happens to sufferers of "Folk Society Deficiency," or FSD? Give an example.

2. How are ex-hippies more scarred than Vietnam veterans?

3. How is Vonnegut different from other authors mentioned in this chapter?

4. Why does Vonnegut believe Colonialism will bust up all cultures and create a Third World planet?

5. What is the Folk Society?

6. What are some examples of humorists who have lost their humor after a certain age? How has their humor been lost?

7. Why is the Italian translator, Roberta Rambelli, Vonnegut's favorite?

8. Why do the MIT graduates applaud politely but not take Vonnegut seriously?

9. Do you think, based on the information given, Rita Rait enjoys winning the limerick contest? Why or why not?

10. How has Vonnegut's belief in the cause of mental illness changed since the beginning of the book? Why?

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