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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Vonnegut require of translators?
(a) They must be more gifted writers than he and speak at least two languages, including his.
(b) They must ask him many questions about his work.
(c) They must do as he says.
(d) They must speak Italian, English, as well as another language.

2. Sufferers of what deficiency seek to become members of a crazy artificial extended family?
(a) Auto-Immune Deficiency.
(b) Gluten Deficiency.
(c) Vitamin B Deficiency.
(d) Folk Society Deficiency.

3. How do jokes work?
(a) Comedians and the audienceshare a funny moment.
(b) By hooking and releasing the listener, causing the release of fight-or-flight chemicals through laughter.
(c) The comedian tells the audience something funny about society that seems outrageous but is true.
(d) Jokes connect the listener to other listeners.

4. Jane, Vonnegut's first wife, is born a Quaker and dies as a member of what denomination?
(a) Roman Catholic.
(b) Lutheran.
(c) Episcopalian.
(d) Methodist.

5. After reading William Styron's DARKNESS VISIBLE how does Vonnegut classify those that are suicidal?
(a) Those that leave notes and those that do not.
(b) They are either depressed or schizophrenic.
(c) Those that are severe and those that are minor.
(d) Those that blame it on brain wiring and chemistry or those that blame the Universe

Short Answer Questions

1. How many Americans are of German descent?

2. Jane gives birth to how many children?

3. How do the MIT students react to Vonnegut's speech?

4. What tough question does Vonnegut's book "Player Piano" ask?

5. How does Vonnegut's trip to Mozambique make him feel?

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