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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Vonnegut require of translators?
(a) They must speak Italian, English, as well as another language.
(b) They must be more gifted writers than he and speak at least two languages, including his.
(c) They must ask him many questions about his work.
(d) They must do as he says.

2. Vonnegut's 1990 article in the New York Times observes that American humorists/satirists grow to be what past a certain age?
(a) Sarcastic old men.
(b) Intolerably unfunny pessimists.
(c) Enthusiastic optimists.
(d) Grumpy.

3. Who does the author have die glamorously in an airplane crash into Mt. Kilimanjaro?
(a) Ernest Hemingway.
(b) Edith Wharton.
(c) Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
(d) Pierre August Renoir.

4. What is the subtitle of SLAUGHTERHOUSE FIVE?
(a) "A Mature Decision."
(b) "The Last Crusade."
(c) "Raiders of the Lost Ark."
(d) "The Children's Crusade."

5. How is Vonnegut an advocate for translators?
(a) He believes translators are more important than authors.
(b) He is a translator.
(c) He believes translators should be paid the same royalties as authors.
(d) He pays translators to write his books.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Vonnegut meet his first wife?

2. What features imperialism, the capture of other societies' lands, and treasure by arms?

3. What does Vonnegut dream the world will be like in 1,000 years?

4. How do the MIT students react to Vonnegut's speech?

5. What tough question does Vonnegut's book "Player Piano" ask?

Short Essay Questions

1. How are ex-hippies more scarred than Vietnam veterans?

2. What have other cultures done to oppress Germans and those of German descent?

3. What does Vonnegut mean when he tells the MIT graduates that they have the power to turn loose or reign in enormous forces?

4. How does Jane Cox deal with her loneliness when her children are grown and move out?

5. What are some examples of humorists who have lost their humor after a certain age? How has their humor been lost?

6. How is RENAMO destroying the beautiful country of Mozambique?

7. According to John Yale, what is the Mozambican's true enemy? Why?

8. What is the Folk Society?

9. Name two things Vonnegut mentions in his letter to the future.

10. How has Vonnegut's belief in the cause of mental illness changed since the beginning of the book? Why?

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