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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Pollock use to control his hands when he paints?
(a) Early sketches.
(b) Ideas from critics.
(c) Intuition.
(d) A painter's machine.

2. In his letter to the future, what does Vonnegut say today's rulers are doing to Nature's stern but reasonable surrender terms?
(a) Limiting waste.
(b) Nothing.
(c) Conserving energy.
(d) Working towards a peacable agreement.

3. He says his father is a rarity among Hoosiers. What other fantasy creature does the author compare his father to?
(a) Pegasus.
(b) Griffin.
(c) Dragon.
(d) Unicorn.

4. To what does Vonnegut compare the lyrics of the new requiem setting?
(a) The 100 Years War.
(b) The Renaissance.
(c) The Spanish Inquisition.
(d) The Tang Dynasty.

5. Where does Vonnegut attempt to get his own requiem mass translated into Latin but is denied?
(a) NYU.
(b) Fordham.
(c) Columbia.
(d) SUNY Purchase.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who buys the lake house but allows Vonnegut and his bride to honeymoon there?

2. Requiem masses are customarily sung in what language?

3. Who enacts the Latin requiem text in 1570?

4. Why does Vonnegut feel lucky to have been born in Indianapolis?

5. Who is the composer who sets Vonnegut's Latin translation to music?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Vonnegut's requiem mass differ from Andrew Lloyd Webber's?

2. What makes Alice a lazy artist?

3. Of what significant Indianapolis building is Father the founder? Why is he bitter over the additions made on this building?

4. Name one similarity and one difference between Jane and Vonnegut.

5. What examples does Vonnegut give to show that male bonding is important to men?

6. What is the Reverend's opinion on banning objectionable books?

7. What are two characteristics of Jackson Pollock's work?

8. How can you tell Vonnegut does not value medals and awards?

9. A unicorn, it is said, will lay its head in a maiden's lap if she sits in a forest clearing. Why is Vonnegut's sister, Alice, the maiden to Father's unicorn?

10. What are two things Vonnegut does not like about President Bush?

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