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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What university do Vonnegut's grandfather, father, uncle, and brother attend?
(a) MIT.
(b) IUPUI.
(c) Harvard.
(d) Yale.

2. According to Vonnegut's speech, what power do the MIT graduates have?
(a) To save the United States from self-destruction.
(b) To reign in or let loose enormous forces.
(c) To control the world's resources.
(d) To find a job in their city of choice.

3. What is the definition of this society of which Dr. Robert Redfield speaks?
(a) It is an organization that teaches folk dances of various cultures.
(b) It is a wide-spread belief in diversity and acceptance of others.
(c) It is an organization that encourages country living.
(d) It is isolated geographically and members agree on what life is about and behave uniformly.

4. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, how many hours of television Failures of Christianity (murders) has one watched by graduation?
(a) 18,000 hours.
(b) 80 hours.
(c) 8,000 hours.
(d) 800 hours.

5. Why does Vonnegut believe Christians have no alternative but to hate and then kill in imaginary self-defense?
(a) Christians try and fail to love continually.
(b) The religious leaders encourage them to hate others.
(c) They are trying to convert others but fail.
(d) Christians know there is a time to kill, as well as a time to heal.

6. For Vonnegut writing books is like what?
(a) Singing a song.
(b) Any other job.
(c) Riding a bike.
(d) Eating a peanut butter sandwich.

7. Why are Germans frightening?
(a) They do not like Jews.
(b) They murder thousands during World War II.
(c) They like to fight those from other cultures.
(d) They like to fight other white people.

8. What does Vonnegut believe most ancient writings, including the Bible, do?
(a) Demonize.
(b) Degrade.
(c) Moralize.
(d) Mystify.

9. What does Dr. Robert Redfield insist every society passes through?
(a) The "Modern Society" stage.
(b) The "Folk Society" stage.
(c) The "Marxist Society" stage.
(d) The "Fauvist Society" stage.

10. Why does Rait believe she can say whatever she pleases in English?
(a) She likes speaking in English.
(b) She is a non-native speaker.
(c) She believes that what she has to say is important.
(d) She is very opinionated.

11. What does Vonnegut believe may unite mankind, by creating a generation that does not need to fight to be disillusioned by war?
(a) Television.
(b) World peace.
(c) Socialism.
(d) Unitarianism.

12. After reading William Styron's DARKNESS VISIBLE how does Vonnegut classify those that are suicidal?
(a) They are either depressed or schizophrenic.
(b) Those that blame it on brain wiring and chemistry or those that blame the Universe
(c) Those that leave notes and those that do not.
(d) Those that are severe and those that are minor.

13. How do jokes work?
(a) Jokes connect the listener to other listeners.
(b) The comedian tells the audience something funny about society that seems outrageous but is true.
(c) By hooking and releasing the listener, causing the release of fight-or-flight chemicals through laughter.
(d) Comedians and the audienceshare a funny moment.

14. How does Vonnegut describe Reagan's and Bush's war experiences?
(a) Reagan was a PFC, as was Vonnegut, and Bush was an aviator and war hero.
(b) Neither of them had war experiences.
(c) One experiences warfare in sanitized movies and the other as an aviator who never has to see his victims.
(d) Both had extensive experiences as members of the military.

15. Who is the author of THE KILIMANJARO DEVICE?
(a) Mark Vonnegut.
(b) Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
(c) Jane Austen.
(d) Ray Bradbury.

Short Answer Questions

1. From what event can ordinary humans not learn how much pain and humiliation to endure before calling an end to everything?

2. What does Vonnegut compare to an alcoholic stockbroker not wanting his head in a Port Authority Bus Terminal toilet?

3. What German-American movement did not survive?

4. To what does Vonnegut compare Bush's presidential campaign?

5. What is Mark's only crime against his government?

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