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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the author of THE KILIMANJARO DEVICE?
(a) Mark Vonnegut.
(b) Jane Austen.
(c) Ray Bradbury.
(d) Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

2. Vonnegut believes MIT can set an example by adapting what to its undertakings?
(a) The Hippocratic Oath.
(b) The Third Time Step.
(c) The Vonnegut Theory.
(d) Oedipus Complex.

3. How do jokes work?
(a) The comedian tells the audience something funny about society that seems outrageous but is true.
(b) Comedians and the audienceshare a funny moment.
(c) By hooking and releasing the listener, causing the release of fight-or-flight chemicals through laughter.
(d) Jokes connect the listener to other listeners.

4. Jane, Vonnegut's first wife, is born a Quaker and dies as a member of what denomination?
(a) Roman Catholic.
(b) Methodist.
(c) Lutheran.
(d) Episcopalian.

5. Although people with acute mental disorder are less often written off as hopeless, why is there still a lack of certainty for patients and their families?
(a) Most patients still have to be institutionalized.
(b) Psychological testing is dangerous.
(c) A dozen separate diseases are still lumped together as schizophrenia/manic depression.
(d) Medications can have severe adverse effects.

6. What is a scheme of self-defense that only maligned and oppressed minorities should be allowed to use?
(a) Threats.
(b) Humiliation.
(c) Murder.
(d) Humor.

7. Why are ex-hippies ashamed to belong to their social class?
(a) They despise Vietnam vets.
(b) They wish they had participated in the Vietnam War.
(c) The social class is so pandered to by the administration that its young do not have to go and do not want to go to war.
(d) They are embarrassed by their actions in the 1960s.

8. As a writer Vonnegut is an anthropologist and writes about what acculturated primitive people?
(a) The people in "Skyscraper National Park."
(b) The Mayans of Central America.
(c) Midwesterners.
(d) Native North Americans.

9. How do the Freethinkers behave?
(a) They are racist thugs.
(b) They behave well, even without the motivation of heaven and hell.
(c) They humiliate those of other descents.
(d) They behave well, because they are motivated by the idea of heaven and hell.

10. According to Vonnegut's speech, what power do the MIT graduates have?
(a) To control the world's resources.
(b) To find a job in their city of choice.
(c) To save the United States from self-destruction.
(d) To reign in or let loose enormous forces.

11. What Joseph Conrad novel depicts whites as highly evolved and others as monkeys without tails?
(a) Deep in Darkness.
(b) The Dark Continent.
(c) Land of Darkness.
(d) Heart of Darkness.

12. How does Mark feel about the 1960s?
(a) They are even more spaced-out, flaky, ,and self-absorbed times than depicted in movies.
(b) Mark does not remember the 1960s.
(c) They are just as spaced-out, flaky, and self-absorbed times as depicted in movies.
(d) They are not spaced-out, flaky, or self-absorbed times as depicted in movies.

13. Vonnegut's 1990 article in the New York Times observes that American humorists/satirists grow to be what past a certain age?
(a) Enthusiastic optimists.
(b) Intolerably unfunny pessimists.
(c) Grumpy.
(d) Sarcastic old men.

14. What does Vonnegut compare to an alcoholic stockbroker not wanting his head in a Port Authority Bus Terminal toilet?
(a) Mozambicans.
(b) Presidents Bush and Reagan.
(c) Third World Countries.
(d) Western Civilization builds weapons and convinces civilians to hate groups of humanity, but they do not want big wars.

15. Who sponsors Vonnegut's 1990 trip to Mozambique?
(a) CARE.
(b) World Vision.
(d) Audobon Society.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the subtitle of SLAUGHTERHOUSE FIVE?

2. Why does Vonnegut feel out of intellectual step with his new neighbors in Cape Cod?

3. With whom does Vonnegut travel to Mozambique?

4. How does Vonnegut describe Reagan's and Bush's war experiences?

5. Vonnegut compares the young people he addresses to what character in Camelot?

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