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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Vonnegut's favorite translator, with whom he falls in platonic love?
(a) Ramon Ramone.
(b) Rachel Ray.
(c) Roberta Rambelli.
(d) Rita Rait.

2. What does Vonnegut believe most ancient writings, including the Bible, do?
(a) Demonize.
(b) Moralize.
(c) Mystify.
(d) Degrade.

3. How do the Freethinkers behave?
(a) They are racist thugs.
(b) They behave well, because they are motivated by the idea of heaven and hell.
(c) They behave well, even without the motivation of heaven and hell.
(d) They humiliate those of other descents.

4. How does Mark feel about the 1960s?
(a) They are even more spaced-out, flaky, ,and self-absorbed times than depicted in movies.
(b) They are not spaced-out, flaky, or self-absorbed times as depicted in movies.
(c) They are just as spaced-out, flaky, and self-absorbed times as depicted in movies.
(d) Mark does not remember the 1960s.

5. What other jobs has Vonnegut had?
(a) Creates industrial advertising, sells cars, invents a boardgame, teaches private school.
(b) Muralist, cellist, and pro motocross rider.
(c) Stenographer, actor, sailor, and fisherman.
(d) Legal analyst, computer technician, magician, and lawyer.

6. Who is the author of THE KILIMANJARO DEVICE?
(a) Jane Austen.
(b) Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
(c) Ray Bradbury.
(d) Mark Vonnegut.

7. What tough question does Vonnegut's book "Player Piano" ask?
(a) When will there be world peace?
(b) What will happen to our planet in the future?
(c) What are people for?
(d) Why do people hurt one another?

8. What does Vonnegut never think he owes to himself or the world?
(a) To become a litigator.
(b) To return to writing.
(c) To forgive his mother.
(d) To write a book about Jackson Pollock.

9. Where does Vonnegut meet his first wife?
(a) An art gallery.
(b) An automobile race.
(c) Kindergarten.
(d) The symphony.

10. Why does Rait believe she can say whatever she pleases in English?
(a) She likes speaking in English.
(b) She is very opinionated.
(c) She is a non-native speaker.
(d) She believes that what she has to say is important.

11. What does Vonnegut compare to an alcoholic stockbroker not wanting his head in a Port Authority Bus Terminal toilet?
(a) Third World Countries.
(b) Mozambicans.
(c) Western Civilization builds weapons and convinces civilians to hate groups of humanity, but they do not want big wars.
(d) Presidents Bush and Reagan.

12. How does Vonnegut's trip to Mozambique make him feel?
(a) Emotionally empty.
(b) Physically drained.
(c) Motivated.
(d) Enthusiastic.

13. What will bust up all cultures and create a Third-World planet?
(a) Colonialism.
(b) Socialism.
(c) Communism.
(d) Capitalism.

14. To what does Vonnegut compare ignoring distractions and repeating a mantra?
(a) Painting.
(b) Writing.
(c) Reading books.
(d) Cooking.

15. Who sponsors Vonnegut's 1990 trip to Mozambique?
(a) Audobon Society.
(b) CARE.
(d) World Vision.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Vonnegut believe Christians have no alternative but to hate and then kill in imaginary self-defense?

2. The "Religious Revival" Vonnegut describes has two commandments. What are they?

3. Jane, Vonnegut's first wife, is born a Quaker and dies as a member of what denomination?

4. How does Rita Rait become the winner of a limerick contest?

5. How do the MIT students react to Vonnegut's speech?

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