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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why are Vonnegut's jokes not funny?
(a) His jokes are immature and childish.
(b) He is skilled at letting readers off the hook.
(c) He never attempts to tell jokes.
(d) He lacks a way to let readers off the hook.

2. As a writer Vonnegut is an anthropologist and writes about what acculturated primitive people?
(a) The people in "Skyscraper National Park."
(b) Midwesterners.
(c) The Mayans of Central America.
(d) Native North Americans.

3. From what event can ordinary humans not learn how much pain and humiliation to endure before calling an end to everything?
(a) Romans throwing the Christians to the lions.
(b) Holocaust.
(c) Sending the Tibetans into exhile.
(d) Crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

4. With whom does Vonnegut travel to Mozambique?
(a) Jill Krementz.
(b) John Yale.
(c) Mark Vonnegut.
(d) Bill Pilgrim.

5. Who does the author have die glamorously in an airplane crash into Mt. Kilimanjaro?
(a) Pierre August Renoir.
(b) Edith Wharton.
(c) Ernest Hemingway.
(d) Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

6. Who sponsors Vonnegut's 1990 trip to Mozambique?
(a) World Vision.
(b) CARE.
(d) Audobon Society.

7. What pictures would Vonnegut hang if he were president of MIT?
(a) JK Rowling's Harry Potter.
(b) Robert Lewis Stevenson's Edward Hyde.
(c) Bob Fosse's Sally Bowles.
(d) Pictures of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley's "Frankenstein" monster.

8. How do the Freethinkers behave?
(a) They are racist thugs.
(b) They behave well, because they are motivated by the idea of heaven and hell.
(c) They behave well, even without the motivation of heaven and hell.
(d) They humiliate those of other descents.

9. Why does Vonnegut believe Christians have no alternative but to hate and then kill in imaginary self-defense?
(a) The religious leaders encourage them to hate others.
(b) Christians know there is a time to kill, as well as a time to heal.
(c) Christians try and fail to love continually.
(d) They are trying to convert others but fail.

10. Jane, Vonnegut's first wife, is born a Quaker and dies as a member of what denomination?
(a) Episcopalian.
(b) Methodist.
(c) Roman Catholic.
(d) Lutheran.

11. To what does Vonnegut compare Bush's presidential campaign?
(a) East Germany propaganda.
(b) Pornographic sleaze.
(c) Perfect example of democracy.
(d) Nazi propaganda.

12. What is World Vision?
(a) A Muslim organization bringing the teachings of Mohammed to other cultures.
(b) An American optometrist organization bringing glasses to the underpriveledged.
(c) An American Christian charity bringing supplies to refugees.
(d) A Buddhist charity bringing peace to other cultures.

13. What is the name of the Bishop Vonnegut travels with to the Galapagos?
(a) Bishop Smith.
(b) Bishop Moore.
(c) Bishop Vale.
(d) Bishop Morgan.

14. What does Vonnegut believe most ancient writings, including the Bible, do?
(a) Moralize.
(b) Mystify.
(c) Degrade.
(d) Demonize.

15. What tough question does Vonnegut's book "Player Piano" ask?
(a) When will there be world peace?
(b) Why do people hurt one another?
(c) What are people for?
(d) What will happen to our planet in the future?

Short Answer Questions

1. Those with addiction eventually hit rock bottom. Vonnegut believes Western Civilization hit rock bottom in World War I. Unlike those with addictions who admit that their addiction is ruining their lives, how does Western Civilization react to hitting rock bottom?

2. According to Vonnegut's speech, what power do the MIT graduates have?

3. How does Vonnegut describe Reagan's and Bush's war experiences?

4. With what magazine does Vonnegut travel to Mozambique in 1990 to write an article?

5. What other jobs has Vonnegut had?

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