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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is one thing Vonnegut mentions in his letter to the future?
(a) Leaders of the future should fix the environment issues through scientific discoveries.
(b) Today's rulers need to stop thinking science can fix anything for $1 trillion.
(c) Countries in the future should stop communicating with one another.
(d) Future generations need to use more petroleum for fuel.

2. According to the Attorney General's Commission, what is worth its expensive price tag?
(a) billion-dollar financial institutions.
(b) billion-dollar NASA spacecraft.
(c) billion-dollar airplanes.
(d) billion-dollar condominiums.

3. How much does Vonnegut believe is enough to make a masterpiece? Beyond that, it is like empty talk at the end of a party.
(a) One-half.
(b) Three-fourths.
(c) One-third.
(d) Two-thirds.

4. Even after many years, what is imprinted in Vonnegut's mind?
(a) Lake Michigan where he played in the sand.
(b) Culver Lake where he is a lifeguard.
(c) Geist Lake where he went boating.
(d) Lake Maxincuckee where he swims with his siblings.

5. The Reverend wants which amendment to conform to his version of Christianity?
(a) The Second Amendment.
(b) The Twenty-Seventh Amendment.
(c) The First Amendment.
(d) The Twenty-First Amendment.

6. What novel about the state of people's portable souls does Jane ask Vonnegut to read?
(a) The Brothers Grimm.
(b) Blood Brothers.
(c) Blood Diamond.
(d) The Brothers Karamazov.

7. Why is Vonnegut drawn to the text?
(a) It is an English translation that, to Vonnegut, speaks of sadism and masochism.
(b) Vonnegut does would like to know the meaning of the Requiem, but does not understand Latin.
(c) The composer has made several grammatical mistakes in the English text.
(d) The English translation, to Vonnegut, is beautiful, and a work of genius.

8. Of what consisting of upper and lower houses is Hemingway a member?
(a) The American Association of Writers of Historical Fiction.
(b) The American Writers Academy.
(c) The American Actors and Writers Equity.
(d) The American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters.

9. What does Vonnegut create during his summers at Lake Maxincuckee in southern Indiana?
(a) A wooden canoe.
(b) His first map of the world.
(c) Imaginary friends.
(d) Camp fires.

10. How is the character Bill Pilgrim different from Joe Crone?
(a) Bill Pilgrim commits suicide, while Joe Crone become a doctor.
(b) Bill Pilgrim is shy and sad, while Joe Crone is an enthusiastic extrovert.
(c) They are from different cities in the United States.
(d) Joe Crone starves himself to death, while Bill Pilgrim returns home to become an optometrist.

11. What does the U.S. allow for 100 years before diagnosing it as a social disease and fighting it?
(a) Sexism.
(b) Civil war.
(c) Slavery.
(d) Depression.

12. Why is Vonnegut good with guns?
(a) He is a Private First Class.
(b) He has watched many war movies.
(c) His dad taught him how to shoot a gun.
(d) He is part of the NRA.

13. What does Vonnegut miss from his youth?
(a) Freedom from knowing humans will render the planet uninhabitable.
(b) The Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra.
(c) Friends from school.
(d) The Fourth of July Fireworks.

14. What does Vonnegut's degree in anthropology teach him about villains?
(a) The "villains" are culture, society, and history, not drugs.
(b) The "villains" are drugs, theft, and rape, not society.
(c) The "villains" are art, music, and dance, not culture.
(d) The "villains" are drugs, sex, and rock and roll.

15. What is Vonnegut's sarcasm referring to when he mentions scales falling from his eyes?
(a) His sarcasm refers to a remark he makes about the Second Amendment.
(b) His sarcasm refers to a remark he makes about gun control.
(c) His sarcasm refer to the remark he makes about suppressing harmful words and images on his own.
(d) His sarcasm refers to a remark he makes about needing the government's aid in suppressing harmful words and images.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is nearing economic, legal, and social equality only in Vonnegut's lifetime?

2. What does the Reverend oppose?

3. Vonnegut is enthusiastic about Pollock's work, but what does he feel is missing from Pollock's paintings?

4. What limits Algren's popularity?

5. The Reverend finds "Slaughterhouse Five", as well as "Deliverance" and "Catcher in the Rye," falling short in what way?

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