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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 21.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the title of the book Jane writes about raising their kids on Cape Cod?
(a) My Children, My Angels.
(b) Angels in Heaven.
(c) On a Wing and a Prayer.
(d) Angels Without Wings.

2. Vonnegut believes MIT can set an example by adapting what to its undertakings?
(a) The Vonnegut Theory.
(b) Oedipus Complex.
(c) The Hippocratic Oath.
(d) The Third Time Step.

3. Vonnegut Sr. is denied his dreams by what event?
(a) The Civil War.
(b) September 11, 2001.
(c) World War I.
(d) The Great Depression.

4. What is World Vision?
(a) An American optometrist organization bringing glasses to the underpriveledged.
(b) A Buddhist charity bringing peace to other cultures.
(c) An American Christian charity bringing supplies to refugees.
(d) A Muslim organization bringing the teachings of Mohammed to other cultures.

5. Where does Vonnegut first meet O'Hare?
(a) Camp Atterbury.
(b) College.
(c) Camp Harrison.
(d) High school.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many Americans are of German descent?

2. What is a scheme of self-defense that only maligned and oppressed minorities should be allowed to use?

3. What is one thing Vonnegut mentions in his letter to the future?

4. What is the definition of this society of which Dr. Robert Redfield speaks?

5. Vonnegut references what Biblical story to his belief that people find life too hard and disappointing to act on repairing it?

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