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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 21.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Vonnegut believe Christians have no alternative but to hate and then kill in imaginary self-defense?
(a) The religious leaders encourage them to hate others.
(b) Christians try and fail to love continually.
(c) They are trying to convert others but fail.
(d) Christians know there is a time to kill, as well as a time to heal.

2. Unlike many short-lived 20th-century art movements, what movement has more enthusiasts than ever?
(a) Abstract Expressionism.
(b) Post Modernism.
(c) Photo Realism.
(d) Impressionism.

3. As a writer Vonnegut is an anthropologist and writes about what acculturated primitive people?
(a) Native North Americans.
(b) The Mayans of Central America.
(c) The people in "Skyscraper National Park."
(d) Midwesterners.

4. What does Vonnegut tell Hemingway scholars defines his fellow Midwesterner?
(a) His writing.
(b) The Vietnam War.
(c) World War I.
(d) His cats.

5. Why are Vonnegut's jokes not funny?
(a) He lacks a way to let readers off the hook.
(b) He never attempts to tell jokes.
(c) He is skilled at letting readers off the hook.
(d) His jokes are immature and childish.

Short Answer Questions

1. What university do Vonnegut's grandfather, father, uncle, and brother attend?

2. Kurt Vonnegut Sr. is respected and loved as a founder of what museum?

3. In which art form does Father show promise before the Great Depression?

4. What does Vonnegut require of translators?

5. What does Vonnegut believe is the cause of mental illness?

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