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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does the general at the ROTC inspection write down Vonnegut's name, which seems to lead to Vonnegut never rising above Private First Class?
(a) Vonnegut plays a practical joke.
(b) The general thinks Vonnegut is not a good soldier.
(c) Vonnegut argues with the general.
(d) Vonnegut arrives late to the inspection.

2. What does Vonnegut believe about professional artists' opinions on vocal third parties, such as critics, curators, and collectors?
(a) They love to create work for collectors.
(b) They are happiest when they do not have to worry about other's opinions.
(c) They like to receive criticism from third parties.
(d) They constantly ask for approval from critics, curators, and collectors.

3. Who enacts the Latin requiem text in 1570?
(a) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
(b) Pope John II.
(c) Pope Pius V.
(d) Leonardo da Vinci.

4. Besides Indianapolis what other U.S. city is designed by the architect L'Enfant?
(a) Washington, D.C.
(b) Columbus, OH.
(c) Seattle, Washington.
(d) Baltimore, MD.

5. How do the author and Jill meet?
(a) At a baseball game.
(b) At a movie premiere.
(c) At an art gallery.
(d) At a production of a Vonnegut play.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why can Vonnegut not get married at an Episcopalian church?

2. Vonnegut Sr. is denied his dreams by what event?

3. Where does Vonnegut first meet O'Hare?

4. Vonnegut defends what freedom?

5. Who does Vonnegut marry in 1979?

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