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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Pollock use to control his hands when he paints?
(a) A painter's machine.
(b) Early sketches.
(c) Intuition.
(d) Ideas from critics.

2. What does Vonnegut believe about professional artists' opinions on vocal third parties, such as critics, curators, and collectors?
(a) They like to receive criticism from third parties.
(b) They are happiest when they do not have to worry about other's opinions.
(c) They love to create work for collectors.
(d) They constantly ask for approval from critics, curators, and collectors.

3. Who founds the Indianapolis chapter of Alcoholics Anonymous in 1955?
(a) Vonnegut's mother.
(b) Vonnegut's Uncle Alex.
(c) Vonnegut's sister.
(d) Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

4. What does Vonnegut believe is the cause of mental illness?
(a) Mental illness is caused by the sufferer's environment.
(b) A cold is the main cause of mental illness.
(c) Mental illness is chemically based.
(d) Early trauma causes mental illness.

5. The author pictures his father as what fictional character waiting for a prince to awaken his career?
(a) Porky Pig.
(b) Snow White.
(c) Sleeping Beauty.
(d) Cinderella.

Short Answer Questions

1. In what year does the author's father die?

2. In Fates Worse Than Death, humorist Kurt Vonnegut examines the blindness of the American people to the hypocrisy of what administration?

3. Dr. Nancy Andreassen finds that people in what profession tend to be depressive or come from depressive families more often than in the general public?

4. He says his father is a rarity among Hoosiers. What other fantasy creature does the author compare his father to?

5. Why is Father desperate for uncritical female friendship?

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