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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is his home on Lake Maxincuckee?
(a) A brownstone apartment
(b) An unheated frame cottage on a bluff.
(c) A camping tent.
(d) A large cabin in the valley.

2. What do Jane and Vonnegut have in common?
(a) They love New York City.
(b) They are both of German descent.
(c) They both paint.
(d) They are both writers.

3. What does Vonnegut assert is often Hemingway's male characters' greatest reward?
(a) Winning the heart of a woman.
(b) Males feeling love for one another in proximity to danger.
(c) Winning a battle.
(d) Becoming enlightened.

4. The Reverend finds "Slaughterhouse Five", as well as "Deliverance" and "Catcher in the Rye," falling short in what way?
(a) In engaging society in healthy practices.
(b) In promoting his religious quest.
(c) In Christian behavior and attitudes.
(d) In Buddhist doctrines.

5. What does Vonnegut believe about professional artists' opinions on vocal third parties, such as critics, curators, and collectors?
(a) They constantly ask for approval from critics, curators, and collectors.
(b) They like to receive criticism from third parties.
(c) They are happiest when they do not have to worry about other's opinions.
(d) They love to create work for collectors.

Short Answer Questions

1. Vonnegut is enthusiastic about Pollock's work, but what does he feel is missing from Pollock's paintings?

2. How are Vonnegut and Elie Wiesel the same?

3. What tribal name do the Vonneguts give themselves?

4. What does Vonnegut believe all women bottle inside of themselves, which his mother releases unwittingly at midnight?

5. What ethnic groups does the Attorney General's Commission label as "terrorists" whenever possible?

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