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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1)


In chapter one Vonnegut plays a practical joke by appearing at an ROTC inspection wearing every sort of medal he can find (swimming, scouting, Sunday school attendance, etc.). When the war ends and Vonnegut is authorized to wear combat ribbons, he finds them to be no more meaningful than these borrowed trinkets. This lesson will discuss the significance of tangible rewards.


Class Discussion: Medals, awards, and trophies are given in our society to those who achieve a goal or win a competition. Vonnegut wears various borrowed medals as a joke, but after the war, he realizes his real medals are no more meaningful. Why do you think that is? Should tangible prizes be the ultimate reward for hard work and success?

Small Group Discussion: Each member of the group must name a time when the prize received was not as meaningful as the reason for...

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