Fates Worse Than Death Character Descriptions

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Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. - This character's personal experiences during World War II result in the writing of two novels.

Kurt Vonnegut, Sr. - This character spends years pretending to enjoy his work as an architect for the sake of his children.

Jill Krementz (Xanthippe) - This character is known for her Vietnam War photography and later as a social scientist.

Alice Vonnegut Adams - This character has a love for the visual arts but, due to her father's constant praise, becomes overly self-confident. In time this makes her a lazy artist.

Nelson Algren - This reclusive writer is bitter over the lack of recognition he receives for his work.

Dr. Walter Bruetsch - He is the director of the Bruetsch hospital and attempts to help Vonnegut's mother.

George H. W. Bush - He becomes the 41st President of the United States in a narrow battle that Vonnegut...

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