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Chapter 1

• The purpose of the book as stated is to examine the blindness of Americans to the Reagan Administration, which Vonnegut believes is bringing the Earth closer to extinction.

• The book is comprised of a collage of articles, speeches and biographical interconnections.
• A connection is made between history, literature, psychology, and art.

• Vonnegut gives the reader background information about his family.

Chapter 2

• Father and his daughter, Alice, have a close relationship due to Mother's severe mental illness.

• Vonnegut discusses his mother's mental illness at a conference for the American Psychiatric Association in Philadelphia in 1988.
• Vonnegut and APA speaker, Elie Wiesel, both have German surnames and experience the power of the Nazis during World War II.

• Vonnegut discusses his son Mark's suffering and recovery from schizophrenia.

• Since Mark has a successful recovery from schizophrenia, psychiatrists have decided he, and others like him, must have been misdiagnosed depressive.

Chapter 3

• Vonnegut's...

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