Fates and Furies Short Answer Test Questions

Lauren Groff
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1. What is Mathilde wearing at the beginning of Fates: Chapter 1?

2. How old was Lotto when he married Mathilde?

3. How old was Lotto when he first spent summers with Samuel?

4. At the end of Chapter 1 of Fates, how long have Lotto and Mathilde been married?

5. Where does Lotto like to say he was born?

6. Where was Lotto born?

7. How long were Lotto's parents married when he was born?

8. Where was Lotto's mother raised?

9. How many sisters did Antoinette have?

10. How old was Antoinette when she met Sallie?

11. How old was Sallie when Antoinette met her?

12. How tall was Gawain?

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