Objects & Places from Fates and Furies

Lauren Groff
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Bottled Water

This is how the Satterwhite family became wealthy.

Illegal Drugs

These are used by Lotto, Chollie, Gwennie, and Michael early on in the novel.


These are what give Lotto fame and fortune


This is the only play that Mathilde wrote.


A young man spills this on Mathilde at Chollie’s request so Chollie can talk to Lotto alone.


These are stolen by Mathilde’s uncle and allow her to blackmail him into financing Lotto’s plays.


These are left at Chollie’s home by Mathilde and cause Danica to leave Chollie.


This is performed by Mathilde’s private investigator in order to get information that can be used to ruin Chollie.


Mathilde has a four year affair in order to be able to afford this.

Birth Certificate

This convinces Mathilde that Roland is Lotto’s illegitimate son.

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