Fates and Furies Fun Activities

Lauren Groff
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Author Interview

Write 10-12 questions you would ask the author if you could interview her.


Discuss with a group a couple that you think has been married a long time, and why you think they have been married so many years.

Map It

Use a blackline map to show the places where characters lived and traveled.

Lotto's Homes

Create a poster that shows each of Lotto's homes. Write a few sentences as a caption for each home explaining how the homes are different.

Book Review

Write a book review for "Fates and Furies" as you would for a newspaper or blog.

Lotto's Play

With a group, reenact one of Lotto's plays.


Use a Venn diagram to compare how you have dealt with grief in your life and how Mathilde dealt with grief.


The novel intertwines past and present. Create a timeline of the events in...

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