Fates and Furies Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Lauren Groff
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Essay Topic 1

Lotto experiences abandonment first when his father dies. What are some times that Lotto experiences abandonment and how do those experiences shape the choices he makes?

Essay Topic 2

Lotto becomes a successful playwright. What led to Lotto writing his first play and what role did Mathilde play in his success? Would he have been successful without her?

Essay Topic 3

Lotto is a member of a symposium to discuss the future of theater. Why did Lotto's remarks alienate the audience and his wife?

Essay Topic 4

Mathilde commented that something was looking out for Lotto. What were some ways that Lotto's life seemed to be directed by fate? Was his life positively or negatively directed by fate?

Essay Topic 5

Someone called Lotto a misogynist. Explain whether Lotto was a misogynist based upon things he does and things that happen in the novel.

Essay Topic 6

Lotto learns that Mathilde...

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