Fates and Furies Character Descriptions

Lauren Groff
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This character is born in Florida, goes to boarding school in the east, and becomes a playwright.


This character was born in France, abandoned by her parents when she was four, and lived in America with an uncle.


This character is a twin who drops out of high school, audits college classes, and lives with a friend in the college dorms.


This character attends Vassar College, and after college has a marriage where both she and her husband have affairs.


This character has two children, and she despises her daughter-in-law.


This character is born in Florida and falls in love with a girlfriend.

Aunt Sallie

This character takes care of her sister-in-law and nephew and niece after her brother dies.


This character is a twin, she has a baby, but then she commits suicide.

Roland (Land)

This character is conceived by two...

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