Fates and Furies Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Lauren Groff
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Fates: Chapters 1-5

• Lotto and Mathilde have just been married and are spending the morning on the beach in Maine.

• The make love on the beach.

• Having experienced the loss of his father and then being sent to boarding school, Lotto hopes marrying Mathilde means they will never part.

• Mathilde tells him they belong together.

• Lotto was born Lancelot Satterwhite in Florida during a hurricane in the 1960s.

• His parents, Gawain and Antoinette, were wealthy.

• Lotto’s Aunt Sallie nicknamed him so he wouldn’t be bullied at school.

• Sallie had introduced Gawain and Antoinette.

• Sallie had become acquainted with Antoinette when Antoinette worked as a mermaid at a theme park in Orlando.

• Soon after Gawain and Antoinette met, they married.

• Antoinette was very religious and taught Lotto about the Bible.

• Gawain died one day after work when he sat to rest by the pump.

• Antoinette was pregnant...

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